Scotsman launches XSafe retro-fit kit

Date: 23 December 2020
Scotsman launches XSafe retro-fit kit
Scotsman launched a kit allowing operators to retro-fit the XSafe sanitising system to existing Scotsman icemakers. New kit is compatible with all Scotsman icemakers, from compacts to high volume systems.

XSafe is now fitted as standard on most Scotsman machines.  The system is proving so popular that Scotsman has decided to develop the new retro-fit kit, so that existing customers could maximise the hygiene standards of their previously installed Scotsman models.

“Ice hygiene has been something of an issue for years – but it’s even more in the spotlight with the pandemic,” says David Rees, marketing manager at Hubbard Systems “XSafe kills bacteria and viruses including Covid-19.  It not only enhances ice hygiene, working 24/7, but also reduces staff workload, since they don’t have to clean the ice maker system as often.” 

The kit will take an engineer about an hour to fit and is compatible with all Scotsman ice making systems, from compact undercounter units to the largest high volume modular systems.

XSafe has a UV light that converts oxygen into ozone, then converts the ozone into activated oxygen. This activated oxygen is pumped throughout the ice maker, attacking a wide spectrum of contaminants, including germs and bacteria, converting them into harmless molecules. XSafe helps reduce contamination by more than 99%, as well as prolonging the working life of the equipment by up to 30% while reducing cleaning costs by at least 50%.  As well as killing bacteria and viruses, it significantly reduces the formation of mould, yeast, mildew, slime and odours.
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