Secop expands its the new range covers SCE compressors

Date: 20 November 2019
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Secop expands its energy-optimized propane (R290) compressors program with more SCE compressors. 
The new SCE range covers a wider range of applications. You will get a compressor with a lower displacement for current applications, or you can run larger applications with our higher capacity options. 
A GWP of 3 - achievable with our powerful efficient SCE compressors, designed for LBP/MBP.

SCE Features:

  • Multiple voltages – Available for all markets
  • Propane (R290) – Ready for new refrigerant regulations
  • Improved efficiency – Ready for efficiency labelling programs
  • Reduced noise level – Silent operation
  • SC compatible dimensions/connections – No changes in installation

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