SWEP’s new BX4T model

Date: 21 October 2020
SWEP’s new BX4T model
SWEP’s new BX4T model is the latest in the evolution of B4 sized range for the refrigeration market, boasting an even more compact design than existing economizers targeting VRF, Heat Pumps and Condensing Units.

The BX4T’s performance gives an innovative level of efficient heat exchange, with the X-plates on front and back, giving the unit structural stability while also being active heat transfer plates. This All-Active plate pack maximizes the material utilization of the product, making it a highly competitive choice for demanding applications and narrow temperature approaches.

Stefano Bellada, SWEP Segment Manager for Refrigeration says,”The product is small, yet flexible, which makes it a particularly good selection for economizer applications focusing on VRF and heat pumps. This new BPHE (brazed plate heat exchanger) provides supreme economizer performance, especially in condensing units with EVI-technology.” The BX4T is also extremely effective in reducing refrigerant hold-up volume and its mechanical design makes it suitable for high pressure refrigerants such as R410A and R32. 

The BX4T is one of the newest models to join SWEP’s full range of BPHEs engineered to deliver the highest COP and the lowest life-cycle cost. The segment includes the supermarket and transport application areas.
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