TECO Russia increases turnover

Season 2011 was a very eventful and indicative TEKO in Russia. The company entered the stable production of large aggregates multicompressor. Our goal - the continuity of technical and design solutions developed decades parent TECO production and successfully proven in the hardware market. Why aggregates TECO? The advantages of units TECO enough in the first place it super reliable, compact and versatile frame which is being tested for strength already at the design stage. What distinguishes us from other manufacturers is the use of bent copper pipes of different diameters and the abandonment of the use of copper fittings during assembly. The ability to rotate to any angle ensures the integrity and compactness of the system, as well as reducing the number of solder joints to a minimum. We continue to put on their machines copper collectors, providing internal purity circuit. Is exclusive and control system oil return. To put her own patented components trademark Oilstar, developed taking into account the design features of TECO units. Principle assembly of finished units used in the control system. Because the pressure control units, consisting of a pressure gauge, pressure switch and pressure sensor are one-piece construction, mounted on panel, provides ease of installation and ease of service. Construction of pipelines monitoring devices stainless steel pressure significantly increases the reliability of the installation and eliminates the possibility of leakage of refrigerant. Continuing the conversation about the benefits produced by the three-tier should be noted leak test finished equipment and drying process of the internal circuit of the unit. Each installation is a short-term step crimping dry nitrogen and vacuum followed by refilling with nitrogen. The process takes over 12 hours. At the same time connects the computer unit along with temperature and pressure gauges blocks, to store all the processed data in electronic form. Availability of computer equipment checks eliminates human error and faulty data. I would like to just mention the work of TECO in exclusive supply equipment. TECO customers have already experienced the real energy savings in practice on existing equipment. Now we can say with confidence that the joint concept of saving the three leading European manufacturers TEKO-Wurm-DK was embodied in Russia. Heat recovery equipment DK, control electronics and refrigeration systems monitoring Wurm and experience TEKO specialists in designing and equipping of refrigeration and climate - a guarantee of quality and efficiency
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