Testo present App-controlled measuring instruments

Date: 02 July 2018
Testo has heralded the era of smart measuring technology with modern, App-controlled measuring instruments and so makes everyday work easier, more forward-looking and more efficient than ever before. At the heart of the new technology are intelligent, free Apps which turn smartphone or tablet into one of your most important tools. This fundamentally changes not only the measurements themselves, but also the documentation and processing of the measurement data. Working on complicated measuring points will now also be just as effortless , for instance when the adjustment point and the measuring location are a long way from one another. Here too, everything works in a flash thanks to wireless data transfer. Because now you just attach your measuring instruments and conveniently read out the data on your smartphone, irrespective of the measuring location. Smart measuring technology gives a much more professional image with customers. It is possible for instance clearly compare readings with one another using the graphic display options on the smartphone/tablet and can present the results straight away to customer in an easily understandable way. Without any troublesome accessories, such as thermal printers, without any special software for data readout, without any long waiting times.In addition, customers are certain to be just as happy about the time saving and they can apply themselves to more important tasks again more quickly.

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