testo Smart Probes Refrigeration set


<h3 class="s2 title">testo Smart Probes Refrigeration set - Smart and Wireless Probe Kit</h3>
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    <li>Measures high-side & low-side refrigerant pressure & temperatures (simultaneously) of AC and refrigeration systems</li>
    <li>Low-loss AC/R system checks. No hoses required!</li>
    <li>Compact wireless AC/R test kit</li>
    <li>Calculates superheat and subcooling in the Smart Probe App</li>
<p class="text">The testo AC/R Smart Probe Set is a combination of four instruments that measure high-side and low-side pressures and temperatures of A/C and refrigeration systems. Configured to be used during commissioning, servicing, PM and troubleshooting A/C and refrigeration systems. This kit can be operated with no tools other than your smart phone to communicate with the instruments.</p>
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