The new Daikin Emura

Date: 21 April 2022
The new Daikin Emura
The new Daikin Emura
The new Daikin Emura
The new Daikin Emura
With the new Daikin Emura, Daikin brings together the best of design and technology to help achieve perfect indoor climate: Daikin Emura keeps you cool in summer, and warm in winter.

Daikin Emura includes a wall mounted indoor unit, remote control and outdoor unit. 
With a width of only 90 cm. Thanks to its curved panels, the indoor unit has a unique 3D shape. The curved lines refer to the harmonised airflow.

The remote control has the same sleek design and fits your hand perfectly. Both the indoor unit and the remote control are available in silver, matt white and matt black. The redesigned outdoor unit comes in ivory white.

Daikin Emura uses an intelligent thermal sensor and specially designed flaps to (re)direct the airflow and ensure a constant and harmonised temperature throughout the room. Thanks to the new heat boost function, Daikin Emura quickly heats a room when starting up, ensuring the set temperature is reached faster

A Daikin Emura air conditioner runs so quietly. A specially designed fan optimises the airflow for high performance levels at low sound levels, making Daikin Emura practically inaudible in operating mode.

With built-in air purifying filters and Flash Streamer technology, Daikin Emura captures dust particles, breaks down allergens and removes bothersome odours, providing you with better, cleaner air. 

The new remote control introduces a simplified design with strong focus on the most important functionalities. You can easily access all other features via the self-explanatory menu or from anywhere at any time with the intuitive Onecta app on your smart devices.

Daikin Emura is engineered to perform every season and provide year-round comfort in the most energy-efficient way. Your guarantee for best-in-class performance with seasonal efficiency values up to A+++ in cooling and heating, resulting in a low environmental impact and low energy bill. 
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