The new flexible Williams Blast Chiller

Date: 25 February 2020
The new flexible Williams Blast Chiller
The new flexible Williams Blast Chiller

Williams’ latest Blast Chiller is designed to offer more flexibility of the chilling process as well as accepting combi oven trolleys.

The new WTBC70 Blast Chiller model is the largest cabinet to date in the Williams range and is capable of chilling more foods than many of its rivals, with up to 70kg capacity in a single batch. 

In a market first, the WTBC70 accepts either the Rational 201 or Lainox GN1/1 combi NKS201 trolleys. A guide located on the underside of the cabinet ensures a smooth entrance, while maintaining maximum hygiene control with the wheels remaining outside the cabinet during blast chilling. These tracks are different, depending on the trolley’s brand, but can be changed if there’s ever a need to switch.

The new WTBC70 chills foods down to the designated holding temperature in 90 minutes or less, ensuring quality is preserved.

The WTBC70 also uses the Williams Easy Blast 1-2-3 control panel, which makes programming and operating the unit simple, while maintenance is equally as easy to perform due to all four panels around the refrigeration system on top of the cabinet being removable. The blast chill cycle can also be controlled by a food probe. 

Furthermore, the clever Airsmart air flow system chills from two different directions using powerful, energy efficient fans, while the cabinet’s air pressure is carefully equalised. This design helps guarantee food quality by chilling evenly and consistently. 

As with all Williams’ blast chillers, the exterior and interior base are made using high quality foodsafe stainless steel, as well as incorporating precision injected, high density 75mm polyurethane insulation, designed to operate efficiently in ambient environments of up to a 43°C.

Commenting on the launch, Malcolm Harling, Sales and Marketing Director at Williams, said: “The WTBC70 has many practical features and advantages. Apart from the flexibility of accommodating two different combi oven brands, there’s also the hygiene benefit of keeping the trolley’s wheels outside the cabinet during blast chilling. 

“Meanwhile, maintenance is made much easier by all four panels around the refrigeration system being removable, allowing the engineer to reach the components from any angle.”

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