The purpose of progress - the comfort and benefits

His chronicle "Farmina" leads since 1993 and for more than twenty years confirms the reputation of the company, in which the words with deeds. All the activities of the company under the motto: "the goal of progress - the comfort and benefit." Almost since its inception, "Farmina" is a distributor of «Danfoss» towards refrigeration and still occupies a leading position in the distribution market. The first steps of "Farmina" were associated with the supply of refrigeration equipment factory "Sovital." In a short time the company has grown into a major seller of refrigeration equipment, becoming a significant player in HVAC & R market. farmina At present the Group of companies "Farmina" is one of the leaders in the distribution market and is well-known brands: Danfoss - Destinations refrigeration equipment (compressors, heat exchangers, automatic, electronic control systems), industrial automation, frequency converters, soft starters; GEA BOCK - semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors; ECO - air coolers and air condensers; ONDA - tube heat exchangers; ALCO - component separation systems and oil recovery; Copeland Scroll - scroll compressors; Embraco - hermetic reciprocating compressors; Lloyd - air condensers; Ebmpapst - axial fans. In the form of additional services "Farmina" sells goods to the buyer for a complete set refrigeration: copper pipes and fittings of high quality synthetic rubber insulation, solders, fluxes, freons, brand oils for compressors. Aspect of our company is the stability of the team: the backbone of almost preserved from its inception. High qualification of employees and mutual define high-quality work. "Farmina" constantly advises its customers with a complete set of equipment and conducts technical seminars with them. Engineers Group "Farmina" make the calculation and selection of the components of electronic control and monitoring systems ADAP-KOOL ®. Customers full technical support, including recommendations on the design and installation of the system, and if necessary, site visits for joint configuration and setup. "Farmina" has one of the large distribution warehouses in Russia, boasting more than 4000 products. The large warehouse to 200 000 units, you can instantly respond to buyer inquiries.
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