Thermo King Launches V-1000 Vehicle-Powered Units

Date: 21 July 2021
Thermo King Launches V-1000 Vehicle-Powered Units
Thermo King Launches V-1000 Vehicle-Powered Units
Thermo King Launches V-1000 Vehicle-Powered Units
Thermo King Launches V-1000 Vehicle-Powered Units

Thermo King announced the V-1000, its new single and multi-temperature vehicle-powered units designed for larger rigid trucks between 3.5 to 25 tonnes. The new V-1000 is almost 25%* more powerful and delivers 33%* higher airflow and 67%* higher stand-by capacity than the equivalent diesel units, offering large truck operators the benefits of advanced vehicle drive technology - low cost control, low weight and compact size.

The V-1000 uses a compressor exclusively developed for Thermo King which, when driven by the truck engine, produces performance previously unattainable in units of this type. This positively impacts the total cost of operation when it comes to fuel consumption, maintenance costs and productivity, making the V-1000 a competitive investment compared to diesel powered unit with equivalent performance.

“Traditionally, companies operating larger rigid trucks have looked at self-powered diesel units. This tradition is about to change,” said Eneko Fernandez, product leader Truck at Thermo King. ”We designed the V-1000 to deliver exceptional performance, compete directly and sometimes outperform the self-powered units. High cooling capacity and high airflow of the V-1000 will protect our customers’ load under the most arduous conditions. And it will do so with a significantly lower environmental impact than the diesel-powered solutions – with no CO2 emissions from the unit and lower noise when in operation.”

To ensure voice of the customer was captured during the development of the new solution, Thermo King collaborated with several transport companies across Europe that tested the V-1000 units in real-life operations. One of these companies is Verny, a grocery retail chain in Russia.

“For several months, we have operated the Thermo King V-1000 units 7 days a week delivering products across our different store locations,” said Alexander Oleynik, head of the transport department at Verny. “We have been completely satisfied. With a set temperature range of +2 degrees Celsius, the unit proved its great capacity to quickly pick up and reliably maintain the desired temperature – an important benefit for our delivery operations with multiple door openings. There were no failures or malfunctions in the unit’s operations.”

For flexible operations, the profile of the Thermo King V-1000 makes it suitable for high cabs, while the units are also compatible with multiple vehicle types including CNG, LNG or Biodiesel. The V-1000 is available in both 12V or 24V options, and can fit trucks that range from 3.5 to 25 tonnes to fit customer’s multiple application needs.

When compared to an equivalent diesel unit, the Thermo King V-1000 delivers the following performance indicators:

  • Up to 54%* less fuel consumption than an equivalent self-powered system, depending on the customer application.

  • Up to 33%* lower maintenance costs including both parts and labour thanks to the absence of a diesel engine.

  • The V-1000 weights less than half of an equivalent diesel unit, savings 250 kg without standby and 150 kg with standby option. This means much more carrying capacity for the vehicle.

  • The V-1000 is almost 25%* more powerful than an equivalent diesel unit, delivering 10,000W, at 0/30 degrees Celsius of cooling capacity at high speed position.

  • Low speed capacity comes close to matching diesel units, while the V-1000 offers 67%* higher standby capacity.

  • For total load protection, the V-1000 offers airflow of 3,600 m3/hr* - 33%* higher than diesel equivalent units

  • Heating capacity is 1.3 times higher than the diesel equivalent units.

  • No diesel emissions from the unit, no CO2 emissions from the unit, low noise when in operation.

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