Thermocold introduced AWA air-water chillers and heat pumps with R454B

Date: 16 August 2021
Thermocold introduced AWA air-water chillers and heat pumps with R454B
The transition from R410a to a new eco-friendly refrigerant starts with AWA Thermocold. The whole range of AWA R410a air-water chillers and heat pumps up to 620 kW is now also available with Low GWP R454B refrigerant.

  • GREEN R454B has a GWP value of 466, lower than R410a and R32 refrigerants GWP value
  • EFFICIENT The AWA line is available in two efficiency levels and has excellent SEER values thanks to the new R454B refrigerant
  • SILENT The use of EC fans allows a significant reduction in energy consumption and a noise minimization.
  • SOPHISTICATED the integrated I-Pro advanced controller allows full compatibility with the MULTI-MANAGER system, thus offering the possibility of creating modular couplings up to 6 units in cascade
  • FLEXIBLE The wide range features more than 70 models available with R410a and R454B gases to offer the widest choice of low energy consumption Scroll solutions
  • COMPLIANT With comfort and process applications according to Erp 2021 requirements

R454B is the lowest GWP refrigerant value option to replace R410A. Compared to R410a (with a GWP of 2088), R454B has a GWP of 466, therefore offers a decrease of 78% and a reduction of 31% compared to R32.

R454B is future-proofness refrigerant. It guarantees a long-term advantage in terms of availability, access to government subsidies, taxes and local regulations on R410a refrigerant use.
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