Toshiba’s New 7-Series Compact 4-Way Cassette Brings Smart Control Benefits

Toshiba announce the launch of a new range of 4-way compact cassettes aimed at monosplit configuration use in smaller shop and office applications or for larger, multiple scale use with Toshiba VRF outdoor units. The new EcoDesign-compliant 7series features a smart flat-panel design with clean lines that will complement any decorative style. Its 620x620 mm visible footprint discreetly frames the T-bar profile of a 600 mm ceiling grid whilsta reduced housing height ensures the installation issimple and effortless in shallower ceiling voids. TOSHIBA Compact 4-Way Cassette Perfect comfort all year round Smart airflow functionality for year-round comfort includes a user programmable 5-step flow with individual louvre swing control, plus a novel ‘cycle-swing’ harmonised louvresetting. Advanced optional controls include anoccupancymotion sensor, wireless remote and an I/Oboardforconditional heating/cooling operation. The new 7series compact cassette includes five models for monosplitlight commercial applications and six models that are compatible with VRF system power ratings. With a nominal cooling power capacity up to 5.6 kW through the range. The lower cooling range for the light commercial model is 2.5 kW whilst for VRF applications that have seen increasedimprovements in building design and insulation, anew energy friendly economic1.7 kW version is offered. TOSHIBA BIG DI Perfect for shops and small office buildings Heating capacity through both ranges is stagedsimilarly–from3.4 kW up to 5 kW for light commercial models,andfrom1.9 kW upto 6.3 kW for VRF. Efficiency ratingsthrough therange fully meetthe 2018 ErP-lot 6/21 as well as ErPlot 30 forelectric motors and drives. All 7series models share the same main unit chassis dimensions of 575 x 575 mm, allowing easy access through a 600 mm panel. TOSHIBA Compact 4-Way Cassette When design meets innovation With the overall main unit height reduced to just 256 mm (12 mm less than the previous 4series), installation in lower ceiling spaces is made possible. At 15 kg, single user installation is made easy and removable corner pieces make front face access to fixings straightforward. The unit’s ultra-thin ceiling panel is just 10 mm thick and finished in an attractive white with the louvres arranged unobtrusively flat to the surface when in the closed position. With the overall panel dimensions fitting within the T-bar area of a 600 mm grid, the unit effortlessly blends into its surroundings yet the distinctive design remains attractive and stylish. In addition to five fan speed levels, each louvre can be individually set for swing operation allowing flexibility for airflow diffusion to suit office environments or to tune the air conditioning unit to the customer’s specific room requirements. Swing types available include dual swing or standard swing where all four louvres are timed together. A new ‘cycle swing’ mode allows all four louvres to swing at different time intervals to give precise end user control over air flow direction and intensity. All settings can be set into memory and recalled for later use. The 7series can be optionally equipped with an IR remote controller including a hand-held console with operational status visible on the ceiling panel corner pocket. An occupancy motion sensor is also available with a 10 m range where the unit may be switched to standby mode or completely switched off when no movement is detected over a pre-set time period. An optional I/O connection kit can be set-up to conditionally adjust airflow or cooling/heating modes depending upon third-party sensors input levels. It is also possible to report the cassette status and/or synchronise external events on associated equipment. In this way CO2 levels, outside temperature sensing or centralised HVAC control may be included as part of air conditioning management system.
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