We do not borrow someone else's, and we find a solution themselves

In the Russian market of refrigeration equipment, there are many companies, slightly different from each other. Most people seeking stability and prosperity of the company is selected based not only on price, but also take into account its reputation and the duration of the market in this sector. We do not seek any way to "break" the market leader of industrial refrigeration equipment, just successfully operating and developing since 1999. The principal activities of the company was as a sale of refrigeration equipment and components and servicing refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems, so there is behind a wealth of experience in installation and maintenance of refrigeration systems. From the date of inception of our company we try to give our partners a wide range of refrigeration equipment and accessories import and domestic manufacturers such as: «Copeland» (scroll compressors and units); «Frascold», «Bitzer» (semi-hermetic compressor units); «Maneurop», «Embraco» (hermetic compressor); «ECO» (air coolers, condensers); «Danfoss», «Castel» «Alco Controls» (linear components); «Rivacold» (one-piece, split-system); "Tekhnokholod" Russia (capacitors, convector). Accumulated twelve years helps us in solving various problems in rebounding and refrigeration calculations, both for small cameras and for refrigerated warehouses for different purposes (from frozen food storage to air). Cooperating with a number of foreign suppliers (Embraco, ECO, Denaline, Danfoss), attending seminars, our employees are always aware of all the new products and new technical solutions that have been used abroad and which are used in our facilities. One of the achievements of our company is the development of the model range of refrigeration units on the basis of compressors Embraco Aspera. In the production of these units use high-quality components import and domestic manufacturers. Universal approach to component-block and availability of stock, provides an opportunity to reduce the term of the assembly of the refrigeration unit to a minimum. According to customer technical department of the company can provide a turnkey solution or retrofitted unit additional options (RD, filter, sight glass, NE, PETN crankcase). Offering a wide range of refrigeration components of famous brands such as: Danfoss, Castel, Alco controls we aim to provide our customers an alternative choice in the absence of any component stock. Our staff is prompt features ("pros" and "cons") of a component. Received the status of a retail store division of Danfoss' Tekhnokholod-M "has expanded the range of products in the warehouse, reducing delivery times and has received technical support for the entire line of refrigeration automatics Danfoss, which will be shared with our current and potential partnerami.Dolgoletnee cooperation with several European Russian firms and enables our customers and partners to be confident in the quality offered by our organization refrigeration.

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