What distinguishes products world leader refrigeration?

  Union and the concentration of high-tech quality. Degree of technical excellence refrigeration products on the world market is estimated energy efficiency, economy, environmental friendliness and safety of operation. For the end user, moreover, is the most important criterion of price / quality. High levels of these indicators has technology company with global Johnson Controls (YORK), in which the product for an industrial cold concentrated experience of advanced technologies worldwide brands YORK, SABROE, FRICK, GRAM and STAL, belonging to the corporation. This year started the countdown to the second quarter of the second century (126 years of life) productive and successful conglomerate Johnson Controls, one of the areas is the production of industrial refrigeration equipment. Reciprocating, rotary screw compressors and aggregates performance for a wide range of food processing, chemicals, oil and gas processing, as well as winter sports facilities, installations and refrigeration systems "turnkey" - that is the subject of long-term success of the company on all continents. Energetic, friendly and skilled international team of workers, technicians, engineers and managers working productively in more than 130 countries. Flexible production management, advanced equipment, high demand, strong reserve for contract orders and contracts enabled the company with honor and lossless overcome the world economic crisis. In Russia, the credibility of the company is based on a set performed at the highest technical level of contractual commitments for the design, manufacture, supply, installation supervision, commissioning of refrigeration equipment and systems in various industries. All objects are included in the system of guarantees and service. Among the major projects implemented in recent years, highlighted the main oil-cooling system complexes project "Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean" (ESPO), which successfully operates in various climatic and seismic zones of the country. High reliability and quality of the equipment allow him to work in automatic mode with minimal supervision operators. The total capacity of the equipment in the cold is about 16 MW. Given the global requirements in the environmental and energy efficiency, the company "Johnson Controls", one of the few in the world, designs and implements the two-circuit cascade systems with environmentally friendly natural refrigerants: The upper branches - ammonia, and the lower - carbon dioxide (CO2). Increasing environmental and industrial safety cooling system is achieved by using ammonia only within the engine room. For production lines and cooled is carbon dioxide. The defrost air cooler by using a hot gas (carbon dioxide), which leads to higher system efficiency and lower operating costs. Actively introduced scrappage schemes waste heat for technological needs. Automated control system for cooling stations supports visual process control and monitoring functions as real-time recording of events, providing a high level of safety and reliability. In Europe, such systems are widely used in both land and offshore installations. In Russia and the CIS implemented individual projects. The large interest in various industries to cascade refrigeration technology is proof of the prospects of this direction. Unique cascade refrigeration system was put into operation at the largest in Russia and Europe low temperature automated distribution center of "Agribusiness" in Domodedovo, Moscow region in November 2007. Refrigerator provides 2800 kW of power in the lower branch of the cascade and 4300 kW - at the top in various warehouses + 5 degrees C to minus 24 degrees C. The system involved 3.5 tons of ammonia, limited only by the engine room. Similar power direct cooling system requires not less than 40 tons of ammonia. Such high-cascade systems commissioned to "Shebekinsky the Vegetable Plant" in the Belgorod region, as well as ice cream factory concern "Russian Cold" in the Moscow region. The system is based refrigeration plant "Russian cold" for the warehouse complex and ice cream production lines comprise three screw compressor units for circuit ammonia and six piston units for the contour of carbon dioxide (CO2). The design capacity of the ammonia loop cooling system is more than 1500 kW at ammiakoemkosti system just 2 tons. Most advanced technical innovations cascade system is fully modular prefabrication type CAFP. Such a system has been successful in cold supply facilities of the company "Nestle" Zhukovsky, Moscow region. The accumulated experience and advanced technology used by engineers, "Johnson Controls" in the design. development and implementation of energy-efficient industrial refrigeration systems provide leadership in the field of complex large-scale projects. Availability of advanced service in Russia and the CIS, strong engineering team in Moscow, as well as the availability of repair facilities and spare parts warehouse in the Moscow suburbs allow for projects and provide technical support for refrigeration supply of any complexity anywhere in the country.

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