Arneg's Innovation at Euroshop

Date: 10 March 2023
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Euroshop remains the top exhibition for the world of retail, able to bring together all the key players and offer great opportunities for dialogue in a stimulating, dynamic and forward-looking environment.

Arneg presented new products:

  • HOT & COLD TECHNOLOGY, exclusive, patented technology for “hot above, cold below” vertical cabinets, the only ones on the market to combine hot and cold displays in the same cabinet without the need for heating elements in the hot food section
  • the EVORA refrigerated serve-over counter, an amazing combination of great product visibility, ergonomics and high energy performance
  • new, safer and more efficient TCOM HOT CASE line, which uses medium wave heating technology to reach operating temperature in around 45 minutes instead of 3 hours, giving a significant saving in energy
  • ARNEG ECO RING SYSTEM, the revolutionary system that makes plug-in refrigerated cabinets more ecological and more flexible, with no limits on size, considerably reducing impact on the environment while also improving safety, thanks to the use of a small quantity of natural gas
  • the AGA: ARNEG GLOBAL ASSISTANCE web portal, an interactive, 3D way to consult technical documentation and purchase spares for Arneg refrigerated cabinets online
  • ARNEG DATA POWER, a highly evolved tool from Arneg's mass retail service, for predicting and preventing breakdowns and malfunctions, actively monitoring energy consumption and assessing the status of the entire system, considering environmental variables too
  • GLOBO and GLOBO+ refrigeration units, sustainable, powerful and ideal for small stores, combining NT and LT circuits in the same frame and using CO2, the safe and economical natural refrigerant

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