EuroShop 2023: Sustainability to play a pivotal role in all eight Dimensions

Date: 07 October 2022
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Climate change as the challenge of our times and now the energy crisis on top of it: environmental and resource protection can no longer be avoided. And the forthcoming EuroShop – The World’s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair, in Düsseldorf from 26 February to 2 March, will be shining a special highlight on these issues. It is already evident today how intensively exhibitors are focusing on future-proofing their products, services and indeed their own operations and this holds true for all eight Dimensions. 

Retail Technology

Like sustainability, digitalisation is one of the megatrends of our time. When digitalisation is used to save resources, these topics “cross-pollinate”. At times, however, these digital tools consume enormous resources themselves. More and more providers recognise these conflicting interests and respond to them with effective solutions. Digital price labelling, for example, is increasing in relevance across all retail sectors currently. Swiss company Instore Solutions has developed “Green Tag” – an electronic shelf label without batteries, that will be centrestage at their EuroShop appearance. Green Tags obtain the required energy from the environment, from LED lighting, to be precise. They harvest energy via solar modules. This saves batteries and plenty of special heavy metal waste later on as well as the enormous work involved in replacing batteries regularly.

Food Service Equipment

Food service plays an ever more important role in retail, being used by retailers to increase customers’ quality of stay. Since 2020 EuroShop has catered to this trend with the “Food Service Equipment” Dimension – and sustainably so. For instance: Rational AG. This company from Landsberg am Lech will launch two new cooking systems – ‘iCombi Pro’, a combined steamer, and ‘iVario’, which works with contact heat. “Both are proven to save resources while increasing productivity in the kitchen,” promises Dr. Maximilian Schwaller, Segment Director Retail. In addition, the iCombi Pro scores points with a phosphorus and phosphate-free cleaning product of which up to 50% less is required compared to the previous formula. Dr. Maximilian Schwaller, who values a holistic approach, stresses: “We also support our customers in the development of sustainable food concepts.”

Refrigeration & Energy Management

Resource savings, climate protection and cost cutting naturally all feature high on the agenda of providers in the Energy Management Dimension. Refrigeration still holds plenty of potential. Here, climate-conforming refrigeration will be called for in future. Rivacold CI, the Italian manufacturer of refrigeration products and systems with its German branch in Fellbach will showcase the latest development in future-proof and natural cooling agents:  R290 (propane) and R744 (CO2). The aim: to limit greenhouse gas potential as far as possible. This is also helped by Low-GWP refrigerants as a bridge technology to meet the challenges of the so-called F-gases regulation and the requirements of a fast-changing market. To this end, exhibits with refrigerants of the A2L Safety Class will be on display. “EuroShop 2020 was the last face-to-face trade fair for the manufacturers and users of refrigeration and air-conditioning technology shortly before the pandemic started. Like most exhibitors we have dearly missed the opportunities of a face-to-face trade fair since then and therefore expect great motivation and strong interest on the trade visitors’ part,” says Lorenzo Milano, Product Manager with power of attorney at Rivavcold CI, with great anticipation.

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