Find the future with BITZER and HVAC&R Japan 2022

Date: 01 February 2022

The specialist for refrigeration and air conditioning technology BITZER will be presenting its product highlights at HVAC&R 2022 in Tokyo. From 1 to 4 February, energy-efficient reciprocating, screw and scroll compressors as well as digital solutions can be seen at the company’s stand 1-705 in Hall East 1 at the international exhibition centre Tokyo Big Sight.

‘HVAC&R is one of the most important Japanese trade fairs for our sector – and a great platform for us to demonstrate the value of efficient technology when it comes to energy consumption in refrigeration, air conditioning and heating. We look forward to showing fair visitors our vision of the HVAC&R future,’ states Rikiya Yanagida, Managing Director of BITZER Japan. At the fair, the company will exhibit both solutions for stationary and transport applications and show digital ways of coping with the current challenges. The exhibition highlights include:

Reciprocating compressors: efficient progress

BITZER ECOLINE reciprocating compressors are highly energy-efficient both in full and part load and are designed for a very wide range of applications. One advantage of the series is that it offers maximum freedom in the choice of refrigerant. Whether new low-GWP mixtures, HFO refrigerants such as R1234yf, R1234ze(E) or natural refrigerants – with BITZER reciprocating compressors, users find a suitable solution for every requirement. The ECOLINE series also includes the ME compressor series, which was especially designed for subcritical CO2 applications with high standstill pressures up to 100 bar. BITZER has now supplemented this series with seven 4-cylinder models. Now BITZER’s portfolio includes a complete ME series with displacements from 1.73 m³/h  to 64.9 m³/h, which are particularly suitable for a variety of refrigeration systems in hypermarkets and distribution warehouses.

ECOLINE+, another highly efficient reciprocating compressor series from BITZER, is available in 4- and 6-cylinder versions for CO2 applications and is particularly suitable for supermarket applications. ECOLINE+ was developed with line start permanent magnet motors, which provide double efficiency benefits due to increased motor efficiency and thus reduced heat transfer into the refrigerant. This motor technology enables the compressors to achieve an up to 14 per cent higher SEPR (annual performance factor).

Screw compressors: high cooling capacities in extreme ambient temperatures 

Semi-hermetic CSH compact screw compressors from BITZER are eminently suitable for air conditioning systems as well as for standard and reversible chillers and heat pumps. They feature either a stepped or infinite capacity control enabling OEMs to design robust, high-end chillers with outstanding energy efficiencies. Thanks to their improved oil management, they achieve high cooling capacities even in extreme ambient temperatures. BITZER also recently expanded the application limits of its CSH compressors, which now also allows them to prove their energy efficiency and high operating reliability in large, industrial heat pumps. With these expanded application limits, the CSH series can now be operated with the refrigerants R134a, R513A and R1234yf at an evaporation temperature of up to 30 °C and a condensing temperature of up to 80 °C. With R1234ze(E) and R515B, it can even reach an evaporation temperature of up to 40 °C and a condensing temperature of up to 93 °C.

Scroll compressors: finding the key to flexibility and efficiency with BITZER ORBIT

The BITZER ORBIT range of scroll compressors comprises the ORBIT, ORBIT+ and ORBIT FIT series. The ORBIT is universally applicable for air conditioning and heat pump applications, while the ORBIT+ with line start permanent magnet motor is the most efficient scroll compressor in its class. The ORBIT FIT with economiser technology offers increased efficiency and capacity in all HVAC applications, but is especially suitable in high pressure ratio applications like heat pumps. The economized operation also widens the application limits, allowing operation at lower ambient temperatures in heat pumps.
The ORBIT range of scroll compressors boasts greater efficiency than ever before – and all of the models are interchangeable and equipped with advanced technologies that adapt to the most diverse circumstances.

Digital BITZER solutions: welcome to the future

Visitors to the fair will also get the chance to experience the BITZER Digital Network (BDN): The BDN is a digital infrastructure for different stakeholders using BITZER products. With this network, they can manage their BITZER products both from an overall perspective and in every detail. One of the main aspects of the BDN is to facilitate access, storage and management of all product- and application-related information, providing a simple solution to keep track of relevant user equipment. The network combines every information and digital service needed in one single source. Additionally, the BDN provides unique digital services based on the live data provided by BITZER IQ products – including remote access and fault notifications as well as different ways to analyze compressor data.

Additionally, various BITZER videos, softwares and apps as well as the BITZER Product Explorer will be on display on touch monitors and screens at the trade fair stand. The Product Explorer allows visitors to explore BITZER components in 3D – like in a digital showroom. Via touchpoints, visitors can display individual components and their features.