INDEE+ Shines at ACREX India 2024, Emphasizing Eco-Friendly HVAC&R Solutions

Date: 06 April 2024
INDEE+ Shines at ACREX India 2024, Emphasizing Eco-Friendly HVAC&R Solutions
INDEE+, an Indo-Norwegian project funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and coordinated by NTNU Norway, made a significant impact at the 23rd edition of ACREX India in Delhi. The event, themed "Powering Global HVAC Supply Chain," brought together industry leaders, government officials, and experts to drive growth in India's HVAC manufacturing sector.

During the conference, the INDEE+ team led discussions on the "Successful Implementation of Natural Refrigerant Systems in India," highlighting the project's commitment to sustainable solutions. Key speakers, including Dr. Simarpreet Singh and Prof. M. P. Maiya, shared insights on innovative heat pump/chiller units and eco-friendly refrigerants.

Ms. Beate Langset from the Royal Norwegian Embassy commended the collaboration between MFA and NTNU Norway, underscoring the importance of eco-friendly initiatives in India's HVAC&R sector. The workshop featured presentations on R290 flake ice machines, refrigerant transitions, and progress on INDEE+ educational units.

As INDEE+ continues to set milestones in clean technology solutions, the team looks forward to showcasing the impact of eco-friendly demosites in 2024. By demonstrating the practicality of these solutions in tropical climates, INDEE+ aims to drive a carbon-neutral future for India's HVAC industry.
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