Date: 30 September 2020

Sanhua is proud to be an Exclusive Partner of Chillventa eSpecial offering,different stakeholders in the HVAC&Refrigeration sectors,high technology products and solutions with the highest quality at the most affordable price.

Live webinars: SANHUA ELECTRONIC KIT - SEK - Simple like never before and SANHUA Green Tech Solutions for Refrigeration, Chillers and Heat Pumps

Sanhua presents new solution for commercial refrigeration applications: SEC series is a revolutionary controller for SANHUA LPF and DPF electronic expansion valves.

Newest and affordable SANHUA Electronic Expansion Valve Controller Kit - SEK follows market demand to replace thermostatic expansion valves in HFC and HFO refrigeration applications with advanced technology solutions for refrigeration industries.

Benefits of the new SEK include a wide range refrigerants including R290, CO2 and new A2L options like R455A/R454C/R1234ze – with all required products provided in a single box that delivers the ultimate convenience for installers and technicians.The new SEK comprises SEC controller, LPF electronic expansion valve, pressure transducer (with Packard cable) and temperature sensor, allowing quick and simple system set-up. 

SANHUA is also global leader in production of wide range of valves, sensors, and other refrigeration line components that are setting global standards in HVAC&R industry. Recently presented “Green Tech”product line, is designed strictly for all future sustainable solutions based on HFO/HFC and natural refrigerants like Hydrocarbons or R744/CO2.

New Pressure controls Series PS01/50/15 have been certified according to PED IV/EN12263 directive

Reliable Mechanical and Electrical Design of Sanhua pressure controls - applicable for all common HCFC, non-flammable HFC and HFO refrigerants such as: R134a, R404A/R507, R407C, R22, R407A/F, R448A/449A, R452A, R513A, R450A

For R744/CO2, Sanhua offers a range of components like filters and ball valves for sub-critical applications (CBV up to 60 bar) and trans-critical applications (CBVT up to 140 bar). In this regard, Sanhua CO2 valve is made in two versions:

* Version with Bi-metal connections – easy and fast brazing for systems with K65 piping

* Version with Stainless-Steel Butt-Welding connections – suitable for systems with stainless steel piping

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