Embraco offers Condensing Units and Sealed Units Plug n' Cool for the most diverse applications

Always attentive to the market’s demands and needs, Embraco has been making advances in the cooling solutions area in order to bring cold to the most diverse places and for several uses, such as retail, restaurants and medical applications, including vertical displays, ice cream freezers and cold rooms.

Plug n’ Cool: cooling solution for supermarkets

That’s why, in recent years, in addition to the compressor, the company has become a complete refrigeration solutions provider with Condensing Units and Sealed Units, such as Plug n' Cool, a complete refrigeration system, simple and compact, which aims to optimize time, installation and maintenance cost, as well as reduce electricity consumption.

“We have the technology, the experience and a dedicated team of engineers to develop not only one component but complete solutions to solve our customers' real problems because we want them to have the time to take care of their business while we take care of their cooling system. If you’re a manufacturer, you’ll have more time to focus on your expertise, such as the refrigerator’s design”, exemplifies Daniel Campos, Sales Director at Embraco in the Commercial segment, reinforcing that Embraco offers a complete portfolio.

While Condensing Units can be customized depending on the cooling needs of each space, in order to provide the best cost-benefit. The application range of the two solutions is broad. Among them are food sales machines; ice machines; juice dispensers; wine cellars; refrigerated chocolate display cabinets; beer coolers; drinking fountains; medical applications; and professional kitchens. It’s also possible to purchase spare parts, that is, the customer can acquire just a heat exchanger, for example.

Plug n’ Cool: high energy efficiency and fast installation

Plug n’ Cool: complete cooling solution that eliminates the need for a machine room and provides additional internal in-store space, as well as ease of installation and maintenance

Geared mainly to vertical frozen and cooled food applications, Plug n' Cool Sealed Units can replace the machine room, avoiding possible gas leaks and generating more internal in-store space, besides providing flexibility and quickness in installation and maintenance. Furthermore, it’s a modular system, and in an eventual failure, the entire system doesn’t stop working since the other parallel units can maintain the equipment cold until the part is replaced. In the future, the store owner can update the technology in the independent system quickly and hassle-free.

“Plug n’ Cool adds even more value to the system and ensures better food preservation because of its faster cooling capacity with lower power consumption. In addition to durability and reliability, it has a competitive investment outlay and low operating cost”, concludes Daniel Campos.

Results such as these can be seen in the Mig Atacarejo Supermarket Chain, which was one of the pioneers to adopt the solution in 2017. Energy consumption fell by more than 30%, considering the presence of doors in the new cabinets, and the product display area was increased by 25%.

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