Güntner condensers: New pressure stage for high-pressure refrigerants

Until now, for condenser series, the standard pressure stages 32 and 41 bar for high-pressure refrigerants such as R-410A and R-32 were available. The new pressure stage 46 bar is Güntner’s response to a system concept that is increasingly being used for air conditioning.

Higher pressure stage for new system concept

Irrespective of the norms and regulations, a system concept has become established in the field of air conditioning, which uses safety equipment that requires higher permissible operating pressure in order to prevent the system from being shut down earlier than before in case of high ambient temperatures. To meet this market requirement, Güntner now offers all finoox condenser series for high-pressure refrigerants with a standard operating pressure of 46 bar.

finoox condenser with 46 bar operating pressure

That means beginning in the middle of September, all finoox condesor series stemming from the Compact as well as Vario product lines can be selected from the Güntner Product Configurator with the standard operating pressure 32 bar and for high-pressure refrigerants with 46 bar.

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