Air Cycle Refrigeration Technology by MIRAI INTEX

Date: 31 January 2017
Air cycle refrigeration technology reduces health hazards for humans, saves energy and minimises harm to the environment.

Working principle

Our air cycle cooling units use natural air as a refrigerant. The air is heated while being compressed and cooled in the expansion process. This process allows us to accurately regulate output temperature from hot to cold, enabling us to reach ultra-low temperatures for freezing and storage needs.

Key feature

The key feature of the technology is that the turboexpander is located on the same shaft as the turbocompressor. Energy produced during the expansion process is shared by the compressor, thus significantly reducing energy consumption. This feature allows us to reduce energy consumption by 30%, as compared to conventional systems.

Contribution to climate protection

MIRAI INTEX, along with many other countries and the UN, supports the use of innovative technology to minimise the negative human impact on the environment. MIRAI’s technology, in compliance with the COP21 Paris agreement, offers a viable alternative to chemical refrigerants, thus helping to preserve the environment by reducing harmful gas emissions. As MIRAI’s products do not use any refrigerants other than clean air, there is no risk of leakage or potential noncompliance with future legislation.


MIRAI INTEX has developed an oil-free system adapted for air cycle refrigeration technology. Such a technological solution reduces maintenance costs and efforts, and ensures safety during continuous performance of the machine.

Safety and Reliability

MIRAI’s cold supply and climate systems operate at low gauge pressure (not more than 0.1 MPa), and do not include pressure vessels or high-pressure loops, which ensures the safety of the systems. In addition, unlike widely used Freons and hydrocarbon refrigerants (propane, ethane, butane, etc.) natural air is flame-proof and non-toxic.
Resistance to the ambient temperature from -50°С to +50°С helps to ensure high reliability and operational stability of MIRAI’s refrigerating and air conditioning equipment.
Other features are low noise level and absence of vibration.
Compact size and easy installation are additional benefits of MIRAI’s refrigerating and HVAC systems.



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