Refrigeration companies

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Tiara Development

We are  pleased to introduce our company “Tiara Development s.r.o.”  the European importer and supplier of refrigerants (HFC/HFO gases).
+421 917 415 180

Coldsense Technologies

Coldsense Technologies is a customer-focused, high-tech startup with a mission to develop innovative, reliable and robust solutions to protect technical equipment and facilities from the dangers of cold and icing.
Germany , Lower Saxony

EVCO - Advanced Controllers

We develop technologies capable of monitoring and controlling cold chains, cooking processes and climatization of environments, thus optimizing the system efficiency, duration and reliability.
Italy , North-East


We are manufacturer & export refrigerant gas (R134a, R404A, R407C, R507, R600a,..), industry gas (NH3, CO2,  NH4OH), copper tube in Viet Nam
+84 765 795 218 ,
1900 638 391

Zhengzhou Corunclima Co., Ltd

Corunclima, owns specialties in R&D and manufacture of transport refrigeration unit and air-conditioning system for trucks, vans, and various types of vehicles.
China , Henan Province

Zhengzhou Corunclina Co., Ltd.

Since the initial establishment in 1999, Corunclima, being the partner of China domestic vehicle builders, started to supply cooling products to refrigerated truck and bus manufacturers in more than 20 countries all over the world.
China , Henan Province
+86 135 2681 9013


CoolMed is the very latest British brand in medical refrigeration.
United Kingdom , England
0161 772 5666

Walter Roller GmbH & Co.

Walter Roller GmbH & Co. is an internationally operating family owned company in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. At the head office in Gerlingen near Stuttgart Walter Roller stands for 75 years for the development, production and the selling of high-quality heat exchanger products in the premium segment.
Examples of the highly efficient solutions for heating, cooling and ventilation are applications in commercial and industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and process cooling where customized products are of high importance.
+49 (0) 7156/2001-0

Des Moines Comfort

Is your AC unit working for you or against you? If you're not keeping cool, experiencing high utility bills, or need to have your AC unit serviced, we've got you covered.
United States , Iowa
+1 515-266-4660

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