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Nowadays, technology is developing very quickly. Increasing demands for environmental friendliness and energy efficiency of refrigeration equipment lead to the emergence of more and more technologically sophisticated equipment and automation.

Therefore, it is not enough for a modern engineer to graduate from an institute in order to get a profession for life. It is necessary to constantly study in order to maintain one’s professional level and be in demand as a specialist in the labor market.

Communication with colleagues in the industry and exchange of experience also help to improve their skills and jointly participate in the development of modern refrigeration technologies for the sustainable development of people's lives without harming the environment.

At the same time, the volume of information and sources of knowledge on refrigeration is also growing. We, the editors of the online magazine “Refrigeration Industry”, know this firsthand. We monitor and process hundreds of information sources every day: websites of equipment manufacturers, professional associations around the world, social networks and YouTube channels.

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