Carrier To Showcase Innovation At Euroshop 2017

Date: 15 March 2017
Carrier Commercial Refrigeration presented showcase its comprehensive range of commercial refrigeration solutions suitable for all store formats and all climate conditions at EuroShop 2017.

The new product introductions include:

  • E6 Methos and Methos GD cabinets provide a compact footprint with excellent temperature performance resulting in higher sales productivity and reduced lifecycle costs. These new multi-decks offer increased product visibility thanks to the new Gen IV LED lighting and fully transparent glass doors.

Semi-vertical Cabinets
  • E6 Mirado and Morea semi-vertical cabinets provide plenty of storage space to help make the merchandise the center of attention. These cabinets offer excellent product visibility and harmonized design with other Carrier E6 cabinets, available in both open and sliding door versions.

Top Freezer
  • Top Freezer cabinets provide an innovative solution to optimize floor space productivity in the frozen food area by enabling retailers to place promotional items in an easily accessible location above the chest freezer. These cabinets use the natural refrigerant propane (R-290) and are EU F-gas Regulation compliant.

Semi Plug-in Solutions
  • Carrier’s semi plug-in solutions operating with a brine loop also provide increased flexibility with a unique display opening. Our Monaxis SPI solutions are available with R-410A and R-290 refrigerants to allow retailers to choose the solution most fitting to their needs.
Enhanced Counter Displays
  • Danaos Total Transparency counters feature a bracketless full-glass display with a contemporary flat design that provides maximum transparency and excellent product visibility with an eye-catching effect to attract shoppers’ attention.
  • Danaos Invite is an inviting semi-circular counter solution that highlights a section for delicacies and fits into the store’s straight line of counters.  These counters come with a manual swivel plate to showcase the food display.

Modulating Ejector Technology for the CO2OLtec Systems
  • Carrier will introduce its advanced CO2OLtec EVO transcritical CO2 systems, featuring the newly developed adjustable modulating ejector technology. This new technology increases system energy efficiency making the CO2 systems a viable alternative in warmer climates as well as providing heat reclaim advantages in cold and mild climates. CO2 systems use the natural refrigerant CO2, which is a safe and non-ozone depleting gas with a global warming potential (GWP) of one. There is no additional global warming impact resulting from any potential refrigerant leaks, as is the case with traditional systems, since the CO2 systems use carbon dioxide repurposed from outdoor air.

QuietCO2OL Condensing Unit
  • QuietCO2OL, a quiet and environmentally sustainable CO2 condensing unit that uses repurposed CO2 refrigerant, emits no new greenhouse gases and is unaffected by EU F-gas regulations. Equipped with an inverter-drive compressor, the QuietCO2OL unit is ideal for small businesses with variable capacity applications such as food retail C-stores, petrol stations, restaurants, caterers and large kitchens.  The QuietCO2OL unit has a low noise level and can be connected to multiple evaporators. It is also ideal for installers and service technicians, thanks in part to optimized serviceability providing easy access to all components.
  • Carrier’s environmentally sustainable solutions are also beneficial to customers in terms of energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and smooth operation. With this in mind, Carrier will introduce a quiet and environmentally sustainable CO2 condensing unit. Available in four sizes for medium temperature and two sizes for low temperature, this compact range offers the right balance between performance and simplicity and also offers low noise levels, from 37 dB(A) at 10 meters at maximum speed. Using CO2 refrigerant, the QuietCO2OL condensing unit provides smaller businesses with affordable cooling while respecting the environment.
Small Store Program
  • Flexibility and productivity are key benefits of Carrier’s purpose-built small store product range to help optimize food presentation in limited retail space. Ultra-narrow cabinets in a variety of lengths and applications can be seamlessly multiplexed, without the need for space-taking end-walls, to maximize space utilization and display flexibility. Carrier provides various refrigeration solutions to meet the challenges of limited space and/or building restrictions that do not allow for a machine room, including the full range of refrigerants such as low-GWP natural or conventional.  All refrigeration units come ready for operation and include all necessary components.
  • With the growing importance of online retail, Carrier presents its full range of products and services that support this channel. Our full range of CO2-based racks and condensing units support all applications from large distribution centers to small-store drive-throughs while Carrier Transicold has a comprehensive range of light commercial vehicle cooling units suitable for bulk transportation and home delivery.
  • The new eLocker concept provides the ideal solution for secure extension of shop opening hours or extending the retailer’s reach to remote areas. The modular solution covers four ambient conditions and can be remotely monitored and operated via a built-in keyboard or smart phone.

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