Cutting-Edge Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Innovations Unveiled at the 2024 AHR Expo

Date: 15 January 2024

The 2024 AHR Expo, set to be held in Chicago from January 22-24, is shaping up to be a significant event in the HVACR industry. This exposition, known as the world's largest HVACR marketplace, will feature over 1,600 exhibitors and is expected to attract more than 50,000 attendees. 

The event will cover a wide range of topics and products related to the HVACR industry, including the latest technologies, products, and services. Attendees can look forward to educational sessions and presentations covering various aspects of the industry, including new technologies, regulatory changes, and industry trends.

This event, a focal point for professionals in the field, highlights the latest trends in refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pumps, providing a glimpse into the future of HVACR solutions.

Find below detailed insights into the latest innovations and products showcased by leading companies at the 2024 AHR Expo.

Johnson Controls: At the Expo, Johnson Controls is emphasizing its advancements in heat pump technologies and digital platforms. They present solutions like the YORK® YH5 15.2 SEER2 Single-Stage Heat Pump, designed for energy efficiency and optimized for incentives through the IRA. Their offerings underscore the importance of electrification and decarbonization in modern HVAC systems. 

Embraco: Embraco unveils a new range of efficient, low-noise variable speed compressors and condensing units. Their portfolio is tailored to provide comprehensive solutions in the refrigeration sector. 

Danfoss: Danfoss is set to showcase their cutting-edge HVAC/R technologies. With a focus on decarbonization, their display includes innovative solutions designed to enhance energy efficiency and meet emerging environmental challenges.

Heatcraft Refrigeration Products: Heatcraft presents the intelliGen Field Mount Kit (iFM Kit) and the PRO3 Packaged Unit Cooler. These products are designed for enhanced control and optimized storage in commercial refrigeration. 

NAVAC: NAVAC introduces the lightweight NR7 Recovery Unit, emphasizing its rapid and robust functionality in HVAC vacuum pumps and recovery units. This unit is notable for its compact size and its impressive performance. 

Carrier: Carrier showcases a diverse range of HVAC products, including AquaForce® water-cooled chillers and Toshiba Carrier VRF systems. Their focus is on providing sustainable, intelligent building solutions. 

Tecumseh: Tecumseh Products Company will unveil a new line of compressors and systems optimized for low-GWP refrigerants, including A2L-ready rotary compressors and advanced condensing units. 

Copeland: Copeland, now an independent company, will showcase its latest innovations in sustainable climate solutions, highlighting technologies across heating, cooling, and refrigeration markets. Key features include their oil-free centrifugal compressor with Aero-lift bearing technology and the CC200 case controller, emphasizing Copeland's focus on reducing carbon emissions and enhancing energy efficiency. Read an exclusive interview with Ross B. Shuster, the CEO of Copeland.

LG Electronics: LG Electronics unveils its latest HVAC solutions, highlighting the R32 air-to-water heat pump and the energy-efficient ARTCOOL™ Gallery air conditioner. Showcasing innovations in both residential and commercial sectors, LG demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency in HVAC technology.

Daikin: Daikin will exhibit its sustainable HVAC innovations, including low-GWP R-32 refrigerant solutions, energy-efficient inverter compressors, and advanced heat pump systems. Showcasing products like the ATMOSPHERA split system and the Trailblazer AGZ-F chiller, Daikin's display emphasizes its commitment to reducing environmental impact and operational costs in home and commercial buildings.

Explore below in-depth details of Carlyle, Carrier, Copeland, Danfoss, Embraco, Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, Johnson Controls, JUMO, Little Giant, MSA Safety, Multi-Wing, NAVAC, NIBCO, Onoma Kaiketsu Pvt Ltd, Posifa Technologies, Samon, SPX Technologies, Tecumseh, Transducers Direct and other companies. 
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MSA Safety

At the AHR Expo in Chicago, MSA Safety, Inc. will showcase their latest connected solutions in HVAC-R, focusing on enhancing safety compliance, protecting infrastructure, and reducing emissions. Gustavo Lopez, MSA Safety's VP of Product Strategy and Pricing, emphasizes the importance of these technologies in an industry rapidly evolving with data analytics. Key to their display is the Parasense Connected Platform, a cloud-based system for precise leak detection, refrigerant tracking, and compliance management. MSA Safety aims to transition safety programs from reactive to proactive, offering data-driven insights and real-time alerts for leak detection. Their portfolio also includes the Chillgard 5000 Monitor and Bacharach® Multi-Zone Gas Monitor for continuous leak monitoring and the MSA FieldServer™ Gateways, facilitating device connectivity and data access. Additionally, the MSA Grid software and FieldVEU App provide instant data access and device functionality notifications, reinforcing MSA's commitment to connected, data-centric safety solutions in HVAC-R.

MSA Chillgard5000RefrigerantLeakMonitor.jpeg

Johnson Controls 

Johnson Controls will showcase its innovative solutions at the AHR Expo from Jan. 22-24, 2024. These solutions are designed to improve efficiency, promote electrification, advance digitization, and ensure compliance with refrigerant regulations.

Lei Schlitz, President of Global Products at Johnson Controls, highlights the industry's shift towards smart, healthy, and sustainable buildings. The company's focus is on incorporating more efficient and electrified systems, all digitally connected for increased insight into system performance. This approach is vital to address global challenges and meet the demand for sustainability.

Johnson Controls' focus on greater efficiency is driven by factors like governmental energy efficiency regulations, corporate initiatives, and the rise of environmentally conscious consumers. The company offers various options for homeowners, including the YORK® YH5 15.2 SEER2 Single-Stage Heat Pump and Y92E 97% AFUE 2-stage furnace. These systems are optimized for tax incentives and efficient fuel source usage based on temperature conditions.

For hyperscale data centers, Johnson Controls has developed solutions like the YORK YVAM Air-Cooled, Magnetic-Bearing Centrifugal Chiller, specifically designed for mission-critical applications, ensuring cooling efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

The company is also at the forefront of widespread electrification, with initiatives like the air365 Max Heat Pump for cold climates and a partnership with the DOE to accelerate domestic heat pump production. This includes expanding U.S. factories to produce approximately 200,000 electric heat pumps annually, promoting energy affordability and security.

In terms of digitalization, Johnson Controls integrates smart technology into building systems. The OpenBlue Enterprise Manager suite of apps leverages AI, advanced analytics, and digital twin technology to provide energy savings, cost reduction, carbon emission reduction, and enhanced occupant comfort.

Finally, in response to the AIM Act, which mandates an 85% reduction in HFC gases by 2036, Johnson Controls is adding product features for safer and easier servicing with low-GWP refrigerants. For example, YORK commercial rooftop units using R-454B refrigerant will feature a new refrigerant detection system.

For a deeper dive into these innovations, head to Booths S6236 and S7529.


Posifa Technologies

At the AHR Expo 2024, Posifa Technologies will be showcasing their latest innovations in A2L leak detectors, anemometer sensors, and vacuum gauges and transducers, emphasizing accuracy, reliability, and cost-effectiveness for the HVACR market.

PGS6000 Series MEMS Thermal Conductivity Sensors: The PGS6000 series sensors are designed to accurately detect A2L refrigerant concentration. These sensors work by measuring changes in the thermal conductivity of the gas mixture, which is crucial for early leak detection in air conditioning systems, heat pumps, and refrigeration equipment. They are particularly noted for their long-term reliability, with a lifespan of 15 years or more, even in harsh environments.

PAV5000 Series MEMS Anemometer Sensor: The PAV5000 series sensor is a cost-effective solution for accurate air speed measurement. These sensors are fully calibrated and temperature-compensated, making them ideal for integration into portable anemometers and fixed in-duct air velocity monitors. Their robust design, featuring a solid silicon chip mounted on a PCB, makes them resistant to damage from vibration, dropping, or collisions.

PVC6100 Series MEMS Pirani Gauges: The PVC6100 series Pirani gauges offer high accuracy and stability in medium vacuum applications. They come with an integrated sensing element and digital electronics within a calibrated probe, eliminating the need for recalibration when replacing probes. These devices can be customized to emulate other manufacturers' gauges, facilitating easy replacements.

MEMS Pirani Vacuum Transducers: The PVC4000 series, along with the calibrated PVC4100 and PVC5100 series, are designed for digital vacuum gauges and leak detection applications. These transducers are ideal for cost-effective OEM integration, featuring a surface-mount MEMS Pirani sensor and microcontroller-based measuring electronics in a compact PCB assembly.



The JUMO DELOS S02 is a versatile and reliable pressure transmitter designed to cater to a variety of industries. Known for its user-friendliness, it simplifies configuration through a smartphone app, enhancing ease of use and process efficiency.

This compact device is proficient in measuring relative and absolute pressures in both liquid and gaseous media, boasting a wide measuring range from 0.1 to 60 bar relative or 0.4 to 60 bar absolute. Its accuracy and long-term stability contribute significantly to its high process reliability, making it a dependable tool in critical measurements.

A notable advancement in the JUMO DELOS S02 is its Ethernet capability, including a Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) version, which, along with cloud connectivity, broadens its applicability across various industries. It finds its use in sectors such as food and beverage, water and wastewater management, heating and air conditioning, mechanical and plant engineering, test equipment construction, and laboratories.

JUMO's product manager, Jonas Naumann, emphasizes the DELOS S02's user-friendliness, which saves time and costs for customers. The wide range of versions and interfaces ensures that the device can be tailored to specific application needs. This adaptability, combined with its technological advancements, positions the JUMO DELOS S02 as a significant asset for a wide range of industrial applications.



The new TDWLB5 Wireless Pressure & Temperature Transducer and its accompanying Cellular Gateway by Transducers Direct are designed to revolutionize the monitoring of AC and refrigeration systems. This innovative technology enables remote monitoring of refrigerant pressure and temperatures, which is particularly beneficial for systems not integrated with a Building Management System (BMS) or controller. The system allows for 24/7 remote monitoring and sends text and email alerts in case of any deviations, ensuring systems are running efficiently and perishables are protected. Key benefits include extended compressor life, power savings, reduced spoilage loss, and increased profits. The setup involves installing the Bluetooth 5 sensor and Cellular Gateway, configuring alarm levels via a cloud-based.

The TDWLB5 Wireless Pressure & Temperature Transducer, paired with a new Cellular Gateway from Transducers Direct, offers a cutting-edge solution for efficient monitoring of AC and refrigeration systems. This system is ideal for applications not connected to a Building Management System (BMS) or controller, enabling remote monitoring of refrigerant pressure and temperatures. Users receive email and text alerts if the system enters alarm mode, enhancing the management of standalone systems. Key benefits include extending compressor life, saving power, reducing spoilage loss, and increasing profits. The system's installation and configuration are user-friendly, involving a Bluetooth 5 sensor and Cellular Gateway, with data management through a cloud-based Data Portal.



NIBCO will feature an array of innovative products designed to enhance efficiency and performance in various applications. The highlights include:
  • BenchPress® and BenchPressG® carbon steel press fittings for carbon steel pipe applications

  • 585HP high-performance ball valves – offering ease of installation and the highest quality standards

  • PressACR® fittings – joining method designed for use in copper tube systems for air conditioning and refrigeration applications

  • Wrot Racer® Push Fittings – premium copper push fittings

  • PressG – copper press fittings for gas and compressed air applications

Little Giant

Little Giant [Franklin Electric] will be exhibiting in booth #S6534:

  • New line addition to the popular mini-split units product category

  • Little Giant VCMA-20-PRO Condensate Pump –slimmest footprint and broadest range of installation flexibility offered by Little Giant

  • Cerus® X-Drive – all-inclusive variable frequency drive designed for variable torque applications up to 600 hp (480V)

  • ·Pressure boosting systems

Onoma Kaiketsu

Onoma Kaiketsu Pvt Ltd, an established company from India, will be showcasing their expertise in HVAC&R components at the AHR 2024 in Chicago. With a history spanning three decades in the industry, they focus on manufacturing and exporting Heat Exchangers and System Tubing.

Their innovative approach is demonstrated in their range of Fin-Tube Heat Exchangers, designed for various air-cooled applications such as Residential ACs, Heat Pumps, Air Handling Units (AHUs), Fan Coil Units (FCUs), Chillers, and Bus ACs. Onoma Kaiketsu is known for their flexible and client-focused approach, prioritizing quality, efficiency, and timely delivery.

The company offers customization in Heat Exchangers, with options in Copper tube sizes (7mm, 3/8", 1/2", 5/8") and fins (Copper or Aluminum, Bare or Precoated). They also provide a wide range of coatings like Heresite, CED, Tin, Nano, Epoxy, and Powder, ensuring their products meet diverse requirements and standards.

Onoma Kaiketsu


At the AHR Expo, Danfoss, a renowned global supplier of HVAC/R technologies, will showcase its array of solutions designed to assist customers in reaching their decarbonization goals. This event, attracting over 50,000 attendees and 1,600 exhibitors, is a pivotal platform for Danfoss to demonstrate technologies that enhance the energy efficiency of heat pumps, data centers, rooftop units, Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS), chillers, and food retail refrigeration systems. These solutions are a testament to the industry's shift towards decarbonization, offering robust performance while minimizing energy and maintenance costs.

Danfoss will display its newest innovations, including the BOCK 6-cylinder CO2 compressor and its CO2 condensing unit, Turbocor compressors, the iC2 Micro family of drives, and EC+ technology for HVAC drives. The booth will feature interactive demonstrations of Alsmart and Alsense, Danfoss' automation solutions for HVAC systems and food retail, respectively. A unique attraction is a Lego-sized model of a Smart Store, equipped with the latest low-carbon food retail solutions. Visitors can participate in a Lego giveaway by posting a selfie with the Smart Store model on LinkedIn and tagging Danfoss North America.

The exhibit will also spotlight the DSG compressor, an Innovation Award winner in the Cooling category at the Expo. The DSG compressor is tailored for low-pressure, low GWP refrigerants, aligning with the ongoing phase-down of HFCs. It exemplifies Danfoss' commitment to facilitating the transition to eco-friendly refrigerants.

Rick Sporrer, President of Danfoss North America, emphasizes that the Expo will highlight Danfoss' innovations in decarbonization and energy efficiency. With a broad spectrum of solutions, Danfoss positions itself as a preferred partner in decarbonization, ready to share its latest solutions and insights with the industry.


Heatcraft Refrigeration

The intelliGen Field Mount (iFM) Kit from Heatcraft Refrigeration Products is a versatile refrigeration control solution designed for both walk-in coolers and freezers. It features a universal field-mount refrigeration controller, temperature sensors, and a pressure transducer kit, enabling remote mounting of the intelliGen™ electronic control up to 40 feet from the unit cooler. This advanced control system offers automatic superheat, room temperature, and intelligent defrost controls, utilizing electronic expansion valve technology for precise temperature regulation. The system's efficiency is showcased in its ability to reach desired conditions quickly, thereby enhancing product safety and quality.

Suitable for both new installations and retrofits, the iFM Kit is presented in a durable, water-resistant, and IP65-rated case, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is designed for convenience, easier operation, maintenance, and diagnosis, further supported by remote monitoring capabilities. The intuitive interface, including a light bar for alerts, and the option for remote monitoring via a mobile device, contribute to operational efficiency. The intelliGen technology includes Smart Defrost, which automates defrost cycles, and programmable fan cycling, optimizing cooling times and potentially reducing energy costs by up to 30%.

Additionally, the PRO3 Packaged Unit Cooler by Heatcraft Refrigeration Products is a compact refrigeration solution combining a unit cooler and condensing unit. It is designed for commercial refrigeration applications, particularly in small to medium-sized establishments. The PRO3 system is preassembled and precharged, facilitating quick installation and start-up. It features energy-efficient components, utilizes R-448A refrigerant for sustainability, and offers reliable performance with maximum vertical storage capacity. The PRO3 units come with a two-year parts warranty, adding to their appeal for efficient and sustainable refrigeration solutions.



NAVAC, a supplier of HVAC tools, is set to unveil its latest innovation, the NR7 Recovery Unit, at the AHR Expo 2024. This new recovery unit, weighing only 20.3 pounds, stands out for its light weight without compromising on its rapid and robust functionality. Designed for efficiency, the NR7 Recovery Unit boasts a rapid 0.54 lbs/min R-410A vapor recovery rate.

The NR7 is compatible with all common refrigerants, including the newer A2L products. It features a brushless DC motor, which contributes to its substantial power while maintaining a compact size, making it easy to store. The unit's efficient design includes a twin-cylinder, oil-free compressor, a right-sized condenser, and a wider airflow path, all contributing to its fast recovery rate. Additionally, it has a purge function to prevent the mixing of different refrigerants.

NAVAC prioritizes ergonomic design in the NR7, offering features like one-key operation and a premium oil-filled gauge for precise measurements. The unit's user-friendly design, coupled with its performance capabilities, makes it an ideal choice for technicians seeking a balance between compactness and power.

The NR7 Recovery Unit's launch at the AHR Expo will include a brief presentation, showcasing NAVAC's commitment to simplifying and enhancing the efficiency of technicians' work. The presentation will highlight the unit's blend of compact design and powerful performance, embodying NAVAC's mission to provide HVAC tools that are easy to use, carry, and store.

To experience this unit firsthand, visit NAVAC at Booth N1949.



At the AHR Expo in Chicago, Carrier is set to showcase a wide range of HVAC products and services. The exhibition will feature building automation, digital solutions, and Carrier's Healthy Buildings program, all aimed at meeting sustainability goals, energy needs, and health concerns.

The Carrier pavilion will encompass various booths, including Carrier (booth S7510), Automated Logic (booth S7520), and Carlyle Compressor (booth S7710). Each brand will highlight its latest innovations, emphasizing connected solutions like the Abound digital platform, which offers energy usage tracking, system efficiency enhancement, and streamlined greenhouse gas data collection.

Visitors can expect previews of the next generation of AquaForce® water-cooled chillers with advanced free cooling technology, Toshiba Carrier VRF systems, rooftops, and air handling units. Carrier will also provide a sneak peek at a new line of water-cooled screw chillers and water source heat pumps, designed for industrial and commercial buildings to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs.

A highlight will be the compact AquaEdge® 19MV chiller with low GWP refrigerant, aligning with upcoming regulatory requirements, and the AquaSnap® 30RC air-cooled chiller featuring Greenspeed® intelligence. This chiller offers best-in-class energy efficiency within a tiered design for a broader operating range and design flexibility.

Carrier will also showcase the latest in building automation, including the i-Vu Express Connected Building Automation Device, an AHR Expo Innovation Awards finalist. Additionally, a light commercial zoning system and controls technology will be highlighted, focusing on digital transformation to support health, safety, and comfort.

Furthermore, Carrier will conduct two complimentary refrigerant training sessions on Jan. 23, with each session offering professional development hours or continuing education units. Attendees can register for these sessions through Carrier University.

Explore Carrier's latest offerings at Booth S7510.



Embraco, a part of Nidec Global Appliance, will showcase its innovative product portfolio at the AHR Expo. Embracing a forward-thinking approach with its "Think Ahead" strategy, Embraco aims to transform the refrigeration industry by anticipating future demands.

The exhibition will feature Embraco's energy-efficient and low-noise variable speed compressors, including the VEMT, FMF, and VNEX families, each catering to different commercial refrigeration needs ranging from Food Service and Retail to Medical and Scientific applications. Also on display will be the robust NTX models, designed for Ice-makers and Freezers requiring highly durable compressors. All these products are compatible with natural refrigerants like propane (R290).

Additionally, Embraco's condensing units, including the Bioma concept, known for being the world's lowest noise solution for cold rooms, and the EDP (Evaporative Drain Pan) series, will be highlighted. These condensing units are recognized for their large drain pan volumes, offering practical solutions for cold rooms.

Michel Moreira, Commercial Appliance Sales Director for North America, emphasizes Embraco's commitment to providing comprehensive refrigeration solutions. The brand aims to be a single trusted partner, offering complete sets for refrigeration units, simplifying installation and saving time and money for customers. Embraco is also focused on improving its supply chain in North America with investments in a new production line of condensing units in Monterrey, Mexico, as part of its "One Truck Away" strategy.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see Embraco's latest product launches and learn how the brand's integrated and synchronized product strategies are designed to facilitate the operations of refrigeration equipment manufacturers across various sectors.

For a closer look at these products, visit Embraco at Booth S7719.



Bronze partner of the Global Refrigeration Directory

SAMON is set to showcase its latest innovations at the AHR Expo in Chicago. This event marks SAMON's dedication to the North American market, featuring their new flagship product, the GLACIÄR MIDI. This advanced refrigerant gas detector offers comprehensive gas coverage and is user-friendly, thanks to an accompanying app that simplifies its configuration, service, and maintenance.

In addition to the GLACIÄR MIDI, SAMON is introducing other notable products. The compact GLACIÄR MICRO, tailored for the OEM market, is designed for seamless integration into heat pumps and refrigeration appliances, detecting A2L refrigerants or R290. For industrial settings, the GLACIÄR X5 with its innovative single and dual-sensor technology, including a revolutionary NH3 sensor with a five-year lifespan, stands out for its accuracy in detecting industrial refrigerants.

These products represent a new chapter in refrigerant gas detection, combining advanced technology with reliability and ease of use. With a local office in Atlanta, SAMON is reinforcing its commitment to the North American market and is seeking partners who share their passion for quality and innovation in refrigerant gas detection.

Visit SAMON at Stand S6152 during the AHR Expo to discover more about their cutting-edge products and technologies.



Carlyle Compressor to unveil a new line of CO2 compressors at the AHR Expo in Chicago from Jan. 22-24. This innovative product line includes both rotating and reciprocating compression technologies in fixed and variable speed configurations, marking a significant advancement in Carlyle's product offerings.

The new CO2 compressors complement Carlyle’s existing 06V product, known for its broad low and medium temperature operating range, making it ideal for single compressor CO2 sub/trans-critical condensing units. Joel Moseley, General Manager at Carlyle Compressor, emphasizes the global engineering shift towards lower GWP refrigerants, including natural refrigerants. Carlyle's launch of several new products in 2024 is a response to this trend, aimed at providing more system flexibility and alternative compression solutions.

This move aligns with Carrier's 2030 Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Goals to help customers reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly. Additionally, Carlyle is reintroducing the renowned 5H compressors with improved bearing designs and upgraded capacity modulation technology. In 2024, the ammonia 5H product line will be further expanded to include models with the largest displacement.

For more details about Carlyle and its offerings, visitors can explore booth S7710 at AHR Expo.


Tecumseh Products Company

Tecumseh Products Company to showcase its newest compressor and system offerings at the AHR Expo 2024 in Chicago. Celebrating its 90th anniversary since its founding in 1934, Tecumseh will introduce products optimized for low-GWP refrigerants, marking a significant contribution to the commercial refrigeration, heat pump climate control, and EV & transport refrigeration sectors.

Key highlights include A2L-ready rotary compressors for heat pumps, the 12HP Argus condensing unit paired with CRIOS unit coolers, and VDC eCompressors for electronics and mobile transport cooling. These products emphasize Tecumseh's commitment to evolving industry needs and environmental considerations.

The updated UL standards have increased the charge limits for R290 refrigerant equipment, allowing up to 300g in closed appliances and 500g in open appliances. Tecumseh is addressing these changes with proven compressors like the AL and AJ2 models, popular in the European market, and the innovative AG compressor, the world’s first in its category with a capacity of up to 7HP. Additionally, Tecumseh is expanding its product line to include the Celseon 2.0 indoor unit, catering to the new R290 charge limits.

Tecumseh will also display rotary compressors optimized for A2L refrigerants in heat pump applications. These compressors, including the RG and HG models, are compatible with R454B and soon R32, offering up to 1HP capacity. In commercial refrigeration, Tecumseh is preparing systems with R454C and 455A for compressors over 15cc displacement, incorporating models like the AL, AJ2, FH, and VS scroll compressors into their condensing unit platforms.

Tecumseh’s 12HP XL-ARGUS, designed for walk-in cold rooms and freezers, and the CRIOS evaporator, both soon to be A2L-ready, showcase the company's forward-thinking approach. Masterflux, a Tecumseh division, will introduce DC-powered compressors and systems for various applications, including the Alpine platform, the world’s first 850 VDC heat pump compressor.



Aermec to participate in AHR EXPO 2024 in Chicago, showcasing their latest HVAC solutions designed for R454B, an A2L classified refrigerant with a GWP of 466. The highlight of their exhibition includes the multi-purpose NYPs, suitable for 4-pipe systems that can independently provide both hot and chilled water. Additionally, Aermec will feature their high-efficiency chillers, free cooling units, and NYG heat pumps, which are also available in modular configurations, catering to residential, tertiary, and industrial applications.

Airzone Control

At the AHR Expo 2024, Airzone Control will be showcasing their expanded Easyzone product line, an all-in-one zoning solution for concealed Inverter/VRF HVAC units, now compatible with top manufacturers like Samsung, Daikin, Mitsubishi, LG, Toshiba, Fujitsu, and Hitachi. Easyzone offers significant decarbonization benefits and compliance with ASHRAE Standard 15, making it a valuable tool for engineers, contractors, and building owners. This plug-and-play solution covers 90% of the North American market and eliminates the need for bypass dampers, leading to optimal energy savings.

Easyzone's innovative approach allows for the use of fewer or less powerful air handling units (AHUs) while precisely adjusting airflow and unit capacity, resulting in up to 30% energy consumption savings. This makes it an effective response to the HVAC industry's challenges posed by the transition to lower GWP refrigerants like R-32 and the subsequent limitations set by ASHRAE Standard 15 on refrigerant usage.

Airzone - Easyzone - Lifestyle


Copeland, now an independent company after separating from Emerson and receiving investment from Blackstone, is set to participate in the 2024 AHR Expo in Chicago from January 22 to 24. This marks Copeland's first major appearance as a stand-alone entity at a North American industry show. A press conference led by CEO Ross B. Shuster is scheduled for January 23, where Copeland's new position in the industry and commitment to sustainable climate solutions will be highlighted.

At the expo, Copeland will showcase its latest HVACR technologies, electronics, and controls, focusing on heat pump solutions, sustainable buildings, lower GWP solutions, and energy management. Notable products include Copeland’s oil-free centrifugal compressor with Aero-lift™ bearing technology for higher efficiency in chiller applications using lower-GWP refrigerants, and the CC200 case controller, an AHR Innovations Awards Finalist designed for retail grocery refrigeration.

Copeland will also contribute to the AHR Expo's educational sessions. Jennifer Butsch, Director of Regulatory Affairs, will participate in a panel discussing refrigerant and regulation updates in the Southwest U.S. region. Additionally, Dustin Blackstone, Senior Technical Trainer for Educational Services at Copeland, will conduct a session on navigating emerging refrigerants, offering insights into their selection, servicing, and usage. 

Read an exclusive interview with Ross B. Shuster, the CEO of Copeland.

c045 ahr cc200

SPX Technologies

SPX Cooling invites attendees to visit Booth S6920 at the AHR Expo Chicago to explore their latest innovations, including the new OlympusV™ Adiabatic Systems. This series of adiabatic cooling and refrigeration products is designed to assist engineers and operators in achieving water- and energy-efficiency goals. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with SPX Cooling's product experts, ask questions about the products showcased in the booth, and gain insights directly from the team.


Multi-Wing to unveile its MW 800 OPMi Compact Axial Fan at the AHR Expo, setting a new standard in low operating noise and high efficiency for various applications including HVAC, data centers, and power generators. This innovative fan, available globally, features customizable options to meet specific requirements. The MW 800 OPMi is equipped with 2.2 kW and 3 kW PM motors using EC technology, designed to be unaffected by airflow temperature and humidity. Its construction includes a UL-compliant inlet made of composite material and pressure die-cast aluminum parts. With its aerodynamic design, the fan offers medium- or high-pressure profiles, and its components are replaceable for easy serviceability. 


LG Electronics

LG Electronics is set to showcase its innovative HVAC solutions at the AHR Expo 2024, emphasizing sustainable, energy-efficient technologies for both residential and commercial applications. Highlights include the R32 air-to-water heat pump, employing low GWP refrigerant R32, and the ARTCOOL Gallery air conditioner, featuring the DUAL Inverter Compressor.
Additionally, LG's Inverter heat pump water heater offers an energy-efficient alternative for heating water, and the Multi-Position Air Handler Heat Pump provides flexible, year-round temperature control.
For commercial buildings, LG presents the new Multi V i VRF solution, enhanced with an AI engine for optimal performance. The Component Solutions booth will further illustrate LG's commitment to sustainability, showcasing residential compressors with low-GWP refrigerants and a range of scroll compressors and HVAC fan motors.



Daikin will showcase a comprehensive range of heating and cooling solutions, emphasizing sustainability and energy efficiency. Their exhibit will focus on advanced technologies designed to decarbonize homes and buildings, thereby contributing to environmental improvement and reducing operational costs.

Daikin's display includes:

R-32 Refrigerant Solutions: Highlighting the shift to low-GWP refrigerants, Daikin is integrating R-32 in products like the ATMOSPHERA split system, a single-zone ductless system offering up to 80% carbon emissions reduction and high efficiencies up to 27.4 SEER2 and 11.2 HSPF2. Daikin is reengineering its residential ducted and ductless products for R-32 use, aiming for a relaunch by the end of 2024. For commercial applications, Daikin's Trailblazer AGZ-F chiller, utilizing R-32, boasts improved capacity and efficiency, a smaller footprint, and lighter weight than previous models.

Inverter Compressors: Central to Daikin's energy-efficient offerings are inverter compressors. These components optimize energy use by precisely controlling motor speed, thus avoiding wasted operation. The Rebel Applied™ packaged rooftop system exemplifies this with an IEER as high as 20. Daikin ONE products and services, including the Daikin ONE+ smart thermostat and the new Daikin ONE touch thermostat, are designed to maximize the benefits of inverter technology through advanced monitoring and control.

Heat Pumps for Electrification: Daikin's range of inverter heat pump systems showcases flexibility for various applications. The VRV LIFE heat pump systems, for instance, allow up to nine zones per outdoor unit, with models including ductless, ducted, and dual fuel options. The Trailblazer® HP air-to-water heat pump chiller and VRV EMERION systems offer efficient, electrified heating and cooling for commercial applications, with the latter providing simultaneous heating and cooling capabilities.

For a closer look at these technologies, visitors can find Daikin at booth S7560.


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