Day of refrigeration technician

Date: 09 August 2017
Do you know what is holiday “Day of Kholodil'shchik” in Russia?
It's professional holiday of refrigeration technicians. Kholodil'shchik is short name of refrigeration technician in Russian.
“Day of Kholodil'shchik” is most fun holiday once time in year.
Refrigeration technicians celebrate this event in last Friday of September. The event is held since 2000 annually.


There are seminars about new technologies and products but the main highlights of the event  are funny parade and the comic initiation into the Kholodil'shchik (refrigeration technician). It is initiation for new participant who take part in the holiday first time.  People have entertainment and fun.

What’s comic initiation into the Kholodil'shchik?

That to get proud name of Kholodil'shchik you must go through fire and water! :)
Look pictures below.
Do you like this holiday? 






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