Innovation at AHR Expo 2017

Date: 01 February 2017

New products of refrigeration equipment at AHR Expo 2017

The leading international companies present new products at AHR Expo, Las Vegas, USA. Read more here summary and about AHR Expo 2017, Winners of Innovation Award AHR Expo 2017


Carel show 2016 Innovation Award winner HEOS Sistema.  Presented as an alternative to classic architecture in which a compressor rack supplies cabinets with refrigerant along different distribution lines. There is also be important news regarding supervision with boss, the mobile ready supervisor, featuring built-in Wi-Fi, making it completely independent of other infrastructure, and graphics that automatically adapt to the mobile device they are displayed on. boss also introduces new communication protocols (such as BACnet™) and improves interface usability, while continuing to guarantee exceptional system monitoring and optimisation functions.
Another product making its debut is pGDX, the new touchscreen display designed to improve the user experience and make the human-machine interface more pleasant. It can be used both as a terminal and as a room thermostat, thanks to the version with built-in temperature and humidity sensors. Encompassing looks and performance, user simplicity and consistency with the past, everything on this display has been designed to simplify access to the available information. In regards to commercial refrigeration, CAREL presents the pRack solution for optimum management of all applications that use CO2 as the primary or secondary refrigerant. This is a technologically-advanced solution in which system complexity - above all pressure, climatic conditions and synchronization between components - is completely managed and optimized by the control system. pRack is the first controller on the market that can simultaneously manage three separate suction lines. Joining the consolidated solutions is EVD ice, the 2017 Innovation Award Finalist in the Refrigeration Category. The electronic valve driver for medium and low temperature units is a revolutionary device that can be installed directly on the evaporator inside the cold room, and can be completely integrated in CAREL or third party systems. The show is also see the world preview of humiFog direct, the new high-pressure atomizer for direct room application. humiFog direct joins the humiFog “family” of high-pressure atomizers, extending the range of available capacities, and introducing a wealth of new functionality, which makes this product even easier to install and simpler to use.


Daikin Applied showcase new, advanced commercial HVAC equipment at the event to demonstrate its commitment to producing better air for end-users through the application of smart solutions.
  • Air-cooled chillers: Daikin’s Pathfinder (screw) and Trailblazer (scroll) units are now both available with Intelligent Equipment to help building owners and facility managers transform how they manage their HVAC equipment.
  • Data acquisition and analytics: Daikin’s Intelligent Equipment connects directly to 150 data points on rooftop and air-cooled chiller units to monitor energy consumption at the equipment level for deeper, more accurate performance measurement.
  • Next-generation magnetic bearing chillers: The Magnitude centrifugal chillers feature magnetic bearing technology that eliminates the need for oil, mechanical seals and gears, enabling longer machine life.
  • Remotely connected rooftop units: Daikin’s Rebel rooftop product line is Intelligent Equipment-enabled and includes integrated inverter compressor technology that provides superior temperature and humidity control, enhancing the quality of the occupied space.
  • Compact water source heat pumps: Daikin’s SmartSource compact vertical water source heat pumps pack high-performance features into a 48 percent smaller footprint, providing engineers, contractors and facility managers with a solution that frees up space, as well as lowers energy usage and installation costs.
  • Flexible fan arrays: ECM fan arrays for Daikin’s Vision and Skyline semi-custom air handlers use 46 percent less cabinet space while delivering higher efficiencies and less noise.


Dorin presents CO2 COMPRESSORS: CD400 range
  • CD5200M, belonging to - 4 cylinders, featuring a displacement of 35.2 m3/n @ 50Hz.
CD500 range
  • CD6 500-40B, CD6 600-40M, CD6 700-40H, 6 cylinders, nominal power from 50hp to 70hp, featuring a displacement of 39.8 m3/h @ 50Hz.
  • CD6 500-45B, CD6 700-45M, CD6 800-45H, 6 cylinders, nominal power from 50hp to 80hp, featuring a displacement of 45.3 m3/n @ 50Hz.
  • CD6 500-53B, CD6 800-53M, 6 cylinders, nominal power from 50hp to 80hp, featuring a displacement of 53.2 m3/h @ 50Hz.
These displacements generate the largest refrigeration capacities available nowadays: in typical medium temperature conditions (-8°C evap. temp. / 90 bar high pressure / 35°C gas cooler output. / 50Hz) an array of duties varying between 85 kW (CD5200M) and 125 kW (CD6 800-59M) are now available with a single compressor configuration. Dorin offer CD400 and CD500 compressors to OEMs, to put them now into the excellent position to have a unique opportunity to correctly address all those End Users inquiries seeking for large capacities compressors. Dorin has then solved the actual issue of lack of alternatives to unaffordable costs for the larger refrigeration racks: as a matter of fact, given a certain duty, the aforementioned large displacements allow now for smaller amount of racks to fulfil large capacities inquiries.


One of the hot topics that is presented at the show is the new dual-voltage Fullmotion compressor, which brings considerable flexibility to the refrigeration chain. Fullmotion is an intelligent, fast-cooling and energy efficient solution for light commercial and medical applications, such as ultra-low temperature refrigerators, reach-in coolers and freezers, wine coolers, vending machines and ice cream machines. EMC Compressor The EMC Compressor is one of the world’s most efficient single speed compressors and uses natural refrigerant R290, which has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and negligible Global Warming Potential (GWP). The EMC Compressor is designed for beverage coolers, vending machines, under-counters and reach-ins. It features a smaller platform, with an extended cooling capacity that can replace larger compressors, releasing more internal space for the refrigerators.


Next Generation Copeland Scroll™ Two-Stage Compressor Addresses Needs for Affordable Comfort
Emerson display the latest generation of its Copeland Scroll™ two-stage compressor at AHR Expo in Las Vegas. The new compressor will include an expansion in the capacity range up to 10 HP and will offer comfort and efficiency at an affordable price. The Copeland Scroll two-stage compressor has been redesigned for improved performance and reliability in residential and commercial air conditioning systems with an offering to support 1.5 to 10 ton systems.
Emerson designed the latest generation of this technology to operate at ~65% capacity, delivering efficiency gains in full-load of up to 5% and up to 5% more efficiency in part-load.  These improvements are enabling affordable solutions for OEMs in 15/16 SEER applications allowing OEMs to more easily meet CEE tiers, while also providing additional comfort benefits such as better humidity and temperature control.


Oil level regulator KRIWAN

Measuring the oil level in the compressor and automatically refilling when the oil level is low is customary practice. However, the requirements of today are higher. The new INT280 oil level regulator of KRIWAN sets new standards and meets the latest demands. Measuring the oil level in the compressor and automatically refilling when the oil level is low is customary practice. However, the requirements of today are higher. The new INT280 oil level regulator of KRIWAN sets new standards and meets the latest demands.

The KRIWAN Voltage Monitor INT69 UY

Increased current consumption, incorrect phase sequences, differing supply voltage – the causes of malfunctions and resulting damage in electrical systems are often down to these factors. KRIWAN is presenting new solutions that facilitate effective current and phase monitoring, and provide all electrically driven components with reliable protection against network problems in compact units such as chillers, condensing units, and refrigeration racks. In many applications, such as refrigeration/AC/ventilation technology, as well as process technology, the systems used are fully pre-mounted on a frame. The advantages of this are standardized manufacture in a factory, easier transportation of complete units to the point of use, and faster commissioning. These systems are connected to the same supply voltage with all of the compressors, pumps, valves, and heat exchangers that they use. In order to protect against damage caused by problems with the supply network, KRIWAN has developed a simple, compact, and extremely reliable plug-and-play solution for the entire system.


Tecumseh presents new VTC Series variable speed compressor is only one of many new products that will be on display. Come experience the "Power of 2."
The TC Series compressor is designed for LBP and L/MBP applications. Compressor models are available foruse with refrigerant R290 (propane) in capacities ranging from 300 to 1,500 Btu/h (for LBP and L/MBP),  from2,000 to 4,000 Btu/h (for M/HBP).

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