LU-VE's innovations at Chillventa 2016

Date: 16 December 2016
The celebration of our 30th anniversary couldn’t have been otherwise: LU-VE’s operation has always been based on values drawn from passion and the propensity to be anticipatory and creative - a condition which spurs on those taking part and gives them an enhanced sense of pride in their work. The main innovations of LU-VE was presented at the Chillventa 2016: LU-VE - Nidea® is the new patented intelligent defrost system which optimizes the number and duration of defrosts, enabling defrost energy savings of up to 80% and up to 30% energy savings for the complete plant. LU-VE - Emeritus® has 400% more capacity than other units with the same dimensions. The machine combines the advantages of sprayed water with the benefits of adiabatic packs for dry coolers and condensers. One electronic controller, simple to use but sophisticated in its conception, allows a reduction of energy consumption never previously achieved. TGD - Realook Touch Doors for refrigerated cabinets allows the glass door to be opened normally or the user can read about the product, its characteristics and availability on the door display itself. SEST - The new GREEN SOLUTION is a special configuration of coils to maximize performance for natural refrigerants together with the new CATOCOAT corrosion protection system. HTS - A new range of products for the AHU sector accompanied by highly precise software for thermodynamic calculations. 3-D technical drawings are available.

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