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Date: 09 March 2017
CAREL showing at Euroshop its innovative solutions for commercial refrigeration that prove how natural refrigerants and high efficiency are no longer mutually exclusive. On show for the first time is the new version of Heos, compatible with natural and low-GWP refrigerants, making the solution now refrigerant-neutral. CAREL is also presenting Heez, the brand-new solution for the control and management of beverage coolers that guarantees high performance while reducing environmental impact. At Euroshop CAREL is also exhibiting its expanded offering of control solutions for high-efficiency CO2 condensing units with Hecu sistema. Completing CAREL’s proposal at the show are the complete range of “EmJ” modulating ejectors and Site Analytics, the new dynamic online analytics systems.

All main benefits of HEOS sistema now available for natural and low-GWP refrigerants  

The combination of CAREL know how in waterloop systems with DC inverter driven compressor, and solid experience in managing natural and low-GWP refrigerants, has allowed Heos sistema to be now available with refrigerants more environmental frienldy. Heos is the CAREL high-efficiency solution for managing refrigerated showcases that, rather than the classic architecture with a compressor rack serving the showcases via long refrigerant distribution lines, offers a solution comprising plug-in cabinets fitted with variable-capacity DC inverter compressors cooled by a water loop. This new refrigerant neutral solution thus adds the latest innovations in natural or low-GWP refrigerants to the established energy efficiency, direct cabinet temperature control, fast installation and flexible design of the Heos sistema.

Heez is the new CAREL solution for the control and management of beverage coolers

Heez combines CAREL’s experience in the design and control of high-efficiency solutions with the application of technological innovations, such as wireless connectivity, for a new user experience. Heez moreover enables a low environmental impact, as it uses propane, a natural refrigerant, and it comfortably meets the requirements of the reference standards in terms of energy efficiency and the needs of the highest-performance coolers available on the market. No-compromise efficiency and performance These are the main strengths of Heez, the result of continuous modulation of the variable-capacity rotary compressors (DC inverter), extremely high performance technology that CAREL has for the first time made available to the refrigerated merchandiser segment. DC rotary technology in fact ensures the highest energy performance due to the very wide range of modulation, as well as high reliability and stability, lower noise and more compact dimensions. Heez is therefore the response to the challenges that the industry will have to face in the near future in terms of reducing environmental impact and running costs, while still guaranteeing the required performance. In fact it is fundamental for drinks and similar products to be at the ideal temperature for sale at all times, meaning rapid cooling when opening the store or the bottle cooler, or when restocking the cooler. In addition to guaranteeing such high performance, Heez can ensure results in terms of energy savings that easily exceed the current market benchmarks and indeed anticipate future standards, using a natural refrigerant - propane - to achieve true natural efficiency.

All the efficiency of Hecu sistema is now available for LT CO2 systems

Hecu sistema expands its range of control solutions for high efficiency CO2 condensing unit, leveraging the DC technology also for LT application. By using DC inverter compressors, Hecu sistema can offer real modulation of cooling capacity, so as to achieve low energy consumption above all at part loads. Hecu sistema introduces the management of two compressors lines, typical of the traditional CO2 transcritical booster systems, allowing to meet low temperature applications requirements and contemporary ensuring the highest level of efficiency. It also opens the door to new application scenarios that further deploy the usage of natural refrigerants Hecu sistema Such very high performance attainable with CO2 means the system both complies with the Eco-design directive on energy performance and exceeds the limits set by the F-Gas Regulation for condensing unit applications. Hecu sistema stands out for its real-time communication with the refrigeration units, allowing implementation of advanced system optimisation logic, with dynamic set points and extremely stable control so as to ensure perfect food preservation and reduce food waste; essential for the commercial refrigeration. CAREL supervisors can be used to monitor and optimise the operation of all connected systems, preventing possible malfunctions and scheduling maintenance so as to guarantee excellent service levels.

From small convenience stores to large supermarkets, transcritical CO2 systems can now be optimised to operate in warmer climates


The fundamental feature of the solution is the continuous modulation ensured by the ejectors, which via dedicated control algorithms allows the system to continuously adapt to the typical variations in operating conditions of refrigeration systems. EmJ modulating ejectors can be fully disassembled and inspected, and the body is installed separately, allowing the actuator to be removed independently; this makes installation and maintenance extremely simple. The use of modulating ejectors with the CAREL pRack pR300T compressor rack controller allows integrated and synchronised management of all the rack’s components. The advanced algorithms that ensure energy efficiency and precise control also further simplify the system, allowing for example the reuse of compressors that are not traditionally used in certain operating modes, thus reducing the number of compressors needed. The EmJ can moreover be used as a modulating high pressure valve, eliminating the need to install additional valves, which would be redundant. In both cases, the result is compressors that are not traditionally used in certain operating modes, thus reducing the number of compressors needed. The EmJ can moreover be used as a modulating high pressure valve, eliminating the need to install additional valves, which would be redundant. In both cases, the result is optimised installation costs when compared to alternative technology.   Read More

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