New items of Emerson at Chillventa 2016

Date: 11 November 2016

Emerson Climate Technologies releases new range of CO2 outdoor refrigeration units

Emerson Climate Technologies presented at Chillventa its new range of EazyCool outdoor condensing units for CO2 transcritical refrigeration applications.

Future-proof refrigeration
CO (R744) is a natural refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential and a global warming potential (GWP) of one, making it an ideal future-proof alternative in light of the F-Gas regulation and allowing customers to reduce their CO2 footprint significantly. At the heart of the unit is the Stream CO2 compressor, which is already well established in the market and known for its efficiency, reliability and low-vibration operation. The unit comprises an inverter that modulates compressor frequency to adapt cooling to load. The new range of refrigeration units comprises three models with medium temperature cooling capacities of 9 to 15 kW.

Precise control and enhanced reliability
The advanced system controller precisely adjusts all important functions such as the compressor speed, the gas cooler valve position, the oil monitoring system, or the speed of the EC fans in order to provide the exact cooling demanded by the application. All relevant parameters are set and monitored via a large LCD display. The controller also features Modbus communication and supports cloud monitoring. Enhanced electronic protection features increase system up time and help to prevent food spoilage.

Silent operation and compact design
The CO2 refrigeration unit is constructed for quiet operation and is equipped with the latest generation of EC fans, enabling a trouble-free operation even in urban environments. Its compact design is also ideal for installations where space is limited.

Easy installation & service
The outdoor refrigeration unit is designed to be a plug & play system with all system parameters pre-configured, which enables time saving during installation and commissioning. Furthermore, the unit offers easy access for servicing, by opening the top cover, and a technician can access all essential parts while standing.

New Copeland Scroll Digital Compressor Models For Low And Medium Temperature Applications

Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson, has released three additional digital scroll compressors within the “Summit” K5E series, thus extending the existing digital range to 15 hp. With step-less capacity modulation from 10% to 100%, the medium temperature range now offers a cooling capacity up to 26 kW while the low temperature range with vapor injection technology offers up to 12.5 kW cooling capacity. These compressors fit particularly well in multi-evaporator applications or any applications needing a broad range of capacity modulation such as multiple cold rooms in food service, small retail condensing units and compressor packs, as well as precision cooling or light industrial systems. Because the need for efficient capacity modulation is higher than ever for end-users to keep operating costs to a minimum, design efforts have been made to optimize the efficiency of these new models. In addition the new “Summit” K5E digital series features low sound operation for noise critical applications and offers the capability of both liquid and vapor injection for the low temperature model ZFD41K5E. Models are approved and qualified for standard refrigerants R404A, R407A/F and R134a as well as for low GWP alternatives such as R448A and R449A. Compressors from the ZBD and ZFD range all have the same footprint, which makes their integration into different refrigeration systems easier for equipment manufacturers when used in a rack with existing fixed speed “Summit” K5 models. Individual model performance data for the new ZBD76K5E, ZBD114K5E and ZFD41K5E is available for all refrigerants in Emerson’s Selection Software.


Emerson Climate Technologies extends its range of liquid level monitoring systems

Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson extends the product range of its LW Series Liquid Level Monitoring. The LW Series is used to monitor liquid levels in refrigerant receivers, flash tanks, intermediate pressure vessels, oil separators and oil reservoirs. Since the majority of vessels on the market are equipped with ½” connection, LW Series has new base units with special calibration and adapter to meet this requirement. The LW series can be applied in systems with HFC / HFO / CO2 refrigerants as well as different types of oil. The LW4 has a maximum working pressure of 60 bar while the LW5 has a maximum working pressure of 130 bar. Both series offer functionality for high level and low level monitoring. The integrated sight glass offers a permanent visibility of the fluid level. Digital outputs for alarming or activation / deactivation of remote devices in combination with the patented hall sensor technology offers a superior performance versus other level sensors.

New Blast Chiller Application

Dixell expands its range of products dedicated to blast chillers by introducing a new application designed to manage blast chilling, freezing and food preservation. The application is available for the iProGENIUS family and XB800D combined with the VISOTOUCH touch screen interface. The personalization of the cycles, each of which can be divided into various phases, and the interface give the possibility to the user to totally customize the application, both in performance and design. The blast chilling (CHILL) and quick-freezing (FREEZE) phases can be Soft or Hard, switching automatically to the preservation phase when necessary; each cycle can be started checking the food temperature or by time. Thanks to the completeness of the cycles, the new application can be used, for example, in the following applications: restaurants, hotels, pastries, pizza restaurants, supermarkets, canteens, and more.


The user interface shows complete information about the food and the status of the machine

Wireless Communication Solution for Retail

Dixell presents a novelty in the connectivity field introducing the proximity wireless communication system in the Prime family. Through the Emerson Connected App, available both for iOS and Android, you can control refrigerated cabinets and display cases in real time. All common control tasks of the instrument are now replicated on your smartphone with all the usability of this technology. Last but not least, the Emerson Connected App features a complete report by graphs and statistics: a very useful diagnostic tool for all “service operations”. The App gives also the possibility to see functional status messages (presence of alarm conditions) related to the cabinets status.

Screenshot of the Emerson Connected App for the retail world

Controllers for Cabinets with Variable Capacity Compressors

The XWi controller, made by Dixell, is an advanced controller designed for plug-in units with Variable Capacity Compressors. The controller, available in split versions, maximizes high-energy savings, extends appliance reliability and optimizes the product maintenance temperature. Another important feature is the reduction of plant handling costs due to a lower demand in reactive power. The XWi controller is designed for plugins, open islands, overhanging freezer cabinets, bottle and wine coolers.


The new XWi controller is the ideal solution for light commercial applications with Variable Capacity Compressor

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