To Promote The #Eptaexperience

Date: 06 April 2017
The innovative concept “#EptaExperience is the way”, expresses Epta’s presence at the Euroshop 2017 trade fair, which has just drawn to a close, and is evidenced by the numerous collaborations with partners of international renown, who are key players in their respective business sectors.

 Epta and Lactalis – the leading global group in the dairy sector – launched the Allée des Fromages, a new and unique visual merchandising solution that was co-designed by ONE BUY ONE. The objective is to transform the act of purchasing into a pleasant experience, while improving the development opportunities for the entire cheese section. The combination of expertise from Epta and Electrolux – the leading manufacturer of professional electrical appliances – led to the production of a new format for renewing in-store restaurants. The Shop In Shop corner was designed in response to new trends that see retail stores increasing their eat-in areas, especially where premises offer entertainment and recreational activities, like the show-cooking events held by the Chefs of the Electrolux Chef Academy during the five days of Euroshop 2017.


 Retailtainment is also a central theme for the Pop Up Retail area designed in collaboration with Schweitzer Project S.p.A. – a group that specialises in the design and creation of cutting-edge concept stores. This eclectic space transforms traditional display areas, raising the aesthetic experience to the highest possible level, whilst being respectful of environmental sustainability. It responds to the need for Retailers to have a strong identity and make every store unique and a point of reference for consumers. Perfect refrigeration, spectacular presentation and Safe-T-Fresh packaging for preserving food freshness: this is the winning recipe by Epta and Sirap – one of the most experienced producers of containers for fresh foods in Europe - for enhancing flavour and ensuring the highest level of food safety for the many dishes being served in the Shop In Shop area and in the fruit-based preparations offered in the Pop Up Retail area.


 Another interesting partnership is the one with Cefla, a major innovative group that makes diversity its true strength: the synergy with this food display specialist helps to make the merchandising of products within the refrigerated areas of the Pop Up Retail corner truly unique. The collaboration between Epta and Williams Advanced Engineering – part of the Formula One team – led to the creation of the new aerodynamic Aerofoils profiles that were designed to improve the aerolics in refrigerated cabinets to a single blade of air, to guarantee a reduction of up to 30% in energy consumption. The new FTE system (Full transcritical Efficiency) that uses transcritical CO2 has received a special endorsement from BITZER, the renowned global producer of compressors, because of its excellent performance and the protection of components. The certificate which it received declares that Epta has developed an innovative and efficient system using BITZER compressors from the line ECOLINE+. To allow its guests to truly discover how unique #EptaExperience is, Epta created two apps in collaboration with BT – one of the main global ICT service providers. The APP #EptaExperience (for iOS and Android), also worked on by Eit Digital is an interactive guide to accompany users on an immersive tour to discover the innovations presented at Euroshop. The exclusive Mobile App that communicates with Valzer Next/Multifreeze Plus Smart Screen by Costan and Bonnet Névé, is an application that interacts with the cabinets and helps to improve the brand loyalty-generating process amongst Customers.   Read More

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