Pastorfrigor at EuroShop 2017

Date: 16 May 2017
In an area of around 600 sq. metres Pastorfrigor and its sister company Pastorkalt showcase its extensive range of products and innovative concepts. Pastorfrigor present at EuroShop 2017 a unique and remarkable engineering thermodynamic development which will transform the efficiency of refrigeration systems and will set the benchmark in the refrigeration industry in the future: the full application of the Micro Channel Tecnology. The President LX - Seamless vision and display. A serve-over counter that enhances the product presentation by removing the uprights and developing a front glass and top shelf in one piece that has a tight radius of 20 mm. The President LX has a simple hinged mechanism to down swing the glass for cleaning. Removing all the obstacles to the presentation of the product, the LX is most suitable for line ups where specialist and lighting is installed above the counter. The Admiral new version of the hot section developed by Pastorfrigor. Customer feedback told us that the market is looking for a counter with a taller front glass that could provide improved vision into the cabinet. The new Admiral features a fantastic 1400mm high superstructure that includes intermediate glazed shelves and also comes as a “Self Service” option. The NEW Admiral is capable of achieving 65c. The cabinet we present at EuroShop is 2.5m long and consists of two modules - one for assisted service Bain Marie with infrared lamps and the other for self-service with glass hot plates. Both modules are equipped with rear side sliding doors. The Admiral is a new model to the Patorfrigor counters range; we recognize that the market is looking for a mid-depth counter where space in store is at a premium, so the Admiral has a reduced display depth, just 820 mm. The new Hot Case version presented at Euroshop 2017, available in any case also for the classic President range, will multi-plex with a full range of chilled and chilled options to complete this mid-depth line up. The Admiral is a new model to the Pastorfrigor counters range, we recognize that the market is looking for a mid-depth counter where space in store is at a premium so the Admiral has a reduced display deck – just 820mm. The new “Pastry” version presented at EuroShop 2017, available in any case also for the classic President range, will multi-plex with a full range of chilled and hot options to complete this mid-depth line up. We have also added a very innovative LED glass shelves to the Pastry version that provides an outstanding appearance in this new counter from Pastorfrigor. We have further improved the “Double Static” technology in the very popular President range to enhance the perfect display and condition of fresh meat products. You will also see on our stand that we have developed the President with an impressive double glazed front glass. Fitted with very high specification uprights and hinge furniture it demonstrates the versatility of Pastorfrigor to meet our customer’s requirements and design the right solutions. Venezia Panorama Working very hard to ensure that Pastorfrigor are manufacturing the very latest concepts this year we are proud to present a new version of the Venezia multideck. Featuring full height doors and increasing the internal capacity, the Venezia Panorama has a lower front and a slim canopy profile. The very thin framed dark grey doors enhance the product inside and the option of vertical lighting makes the Venezia Panorama a world class display cabinet. Great attention has been paid to the LED lighting solution with new generation components with pecurial characteristics of broad illumination. Verona HF Pastorfrigor presents at Euroshop 2017 the new version of its Low Front remote multi-deck display cabinet, where the aesthetics lines have been renewed, the front has been slightly raised up to 220 mm. and the underneath body is now fully insulated. The evaporator remains in the rear part of the case granting in such a way the lower liner fully open and clear. The Verona case is perfect for “Discount” solutions with its widest display area and a remarkable capacity space. It is available in M2 version (without doors) and M1 version (with doors). Torino and Milano New versions of the well-established Pastorfrigor “Low Temperature” models: the glass door cabinet Torino and the single evaporator “combi” Milano. The doors of both cabinets have been heightened and the visual surface - for both models - has been widened (of 70 mm. for Torino and of 40 mm, for Milano). These new doors appear now in the “full eyesight” glass finish, without aluminium outline profile. All the above improvements represent elegant solutions to increase the internal view of the displayed products, combining with lighting step-up (see the add-on shaped in the upper part of Milano): the optical result is a harmonious smoothing of the outlines.     Venezia Low High With Head Piece Here we have the new version of Venezia Low, revised and aesthetically improved, in its assembly with the head cabinet. The case has been remodelled with the purpose of improving the vision of the products displayed, also retouching its look as per Pastorfrigor tradition. The upper part of the cabinet as well as the side-walls have been modified. Up-to-date LED lamps of latest generation have been fitted, hence achieving specific lighting characteristics. Moreover we have introduced our new sliding doors, notably improved in their thin profiles and in the gliding device, allowing a better easiness of use. Genova Micro-Channel Pastorfrigor is proud to introduce the real innovation for this Euroshop 2017! A display cabinet which is already anticipating the pressing restrictions and the parameters for refrigerant gasses which will become compulsory in 2020. Genova Micro Channel is the sole “plug-in” refrigerated display case, fully conceived and manufactured by exploiting the “micro-channel” heat-exchange technology. This cabinet not only grants a significant consumptions cut but also a massive reduction of the gas charge. The above by using natural gas like Propane within the boundaries recommended by the imperative European Regulations in terms of security. The cabinet is presented in the new panoramic version with full height frameless doors. Patented Technology Gas Charge - 80% Reductions In Consumptions - 46% Read More

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