Refrigerated Chamber for Flowers

Date: 25 December 2017
When storing the freshly cut flowers in the warehouses, in the places of sale, as a rule, water and leaves, plant stems fall on the floor, so it is more rational to mount such chambers without floor panels, or carefully
seal floor panels joints.


 The temperature regime of flower storage in the refrigerated chambers is from + 2 to + 8 C(+35 : +46 0F),  which allows using of such camera without the floor insulation.

Refrigerated chambers at the points of sale are used simultaneously for the storage and for the demonstration of flowers, so one or two walls are made from a double-glazed unit with a PVC profile.

The lack of floor insulation and/or the presence of a double-glazed unit increase the heat inflow, which requires the installation of the more powerful refrigeration unit.

You can buy a ready-made chamber for storing flowers with a double-glazed window from manufacturers and suppliers, or making it with your own hands and separately buy polyurethane foam sandwich panels, and buy a double-glazed window from window manufacturers too. In this case, you need to calculate the sizes of windows by yourself.

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