Refrigerated Chamber for Meat Storage

Date: 26 December 2017
Meat storage cold room have their own characteristics. When storing unpacked chilled meat (lumps, quarters and half carcasses), it should be taken into account that the meat juice, that inevitably falls on the floor, is very erodent and a floor covering in the chamber must be chemically stable.  

The processing of the pig and its transformation into meats, sausages and other craft products.

There are two main ways to solve this problem:

1.​ Mount the sandwich panels with food grade stainless steel (grade AISI 304) on the floor coated and carefully seal their joints with a special chemically resistant sealant.

2.​ Place the refrigerating chamber on a hard, level surface without the floor panels and lay the floor with ceramic tiles. In the large refrigerating chambers, warehouses, the concrete floors are making with a chemically resistant coating.

If the financial possibilities permit, we recommend that you also to perform the entire chamber made of sandwich panels with stainless steel inner lining.

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