Repair of refrigeration equipment

Date: 13 September 2014
High-quality commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment purchased from reliable suppliers, initially has a long service life. However, even these devices are sometimes broken. Naturally, the question arises - who entrust the repair of refrigeration equipment. The problem is usually complicated by the fact that the operation of refrigerating and freezing equipment necessary to restore as soon as possible - because of this usually depends on the safety of high-value products.


To give any recommendations on self-repair of refrigeration equipment for shops and businesses - it is useless. Any unprofessional interference in the work of such a complex technology like self-treatment of serious illness.

Nor should we trust it is the responsible thing to private traders and firms, repairs household refrigerators.


Optimal variant to make a quality repair of refrigeration compressor refrigeration unit - contact the company, supply and service such equipment. Best of all, if it is an organization which was acquired by this technique. The fact that suppliers of refrigeration equipment, tend to have with manufacturers long-term contract for the supply of components and materials for repair and maintenance of refrigeration equipment. In this firm, which is the official representative of a company not only gets high-quality components and spare parts, but also buys them much cheaper. In addition, the employees of the companies, dealers use special instruments and tools for the repair of refrigeration equipment. This helps craftsmen to make fast and accurate diagnosis of the majority of faults "on the spot".


If failure was serious, the responsible company still will not give up the customer help - her staff will dismantle questionable unit, test it on a special stand and produce operative repair of refrigeration compressor and other nodes in the steady-state conditions.

Another good reason to ask for the provision of such services to the official representatives is that the professionals working in the major companies tend to regularly attend courses on repair of refrigeration equipment. This approach allows the master to grasp all the nuances of the structure and functioning of refrigeration equipment.


Unfortunately, in many cases, high-quality repair of refrigeration equipment - a very expensive service. But here, you can save. Enough to conclude a contract with the company for planned maintenance of refrigeration equipment and the probability of damage to decrease significantly. As is known, the most reliable and low-cost treatment, it is - prevention.
Features of repair of commercial refrigeration equipment

Repair of refrigeration equipment for shops is held in place. Showcases, cabinets with built-in units are fairly simple devices in which defective parts are repaired and replaced. The most popular parts repairer refrigeration brings directly to the object. The remaining parts can always be found on the stock distribution companies in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities.


Features of repair of industrial refrigeration equipment

Repair and diagnostics of industrial refrigeration systems is complicated, as a rule, extended hydraulic slopes, large size plants and sophisticated control systems.

This requires a more responsible choice service organization, and sometimes the creation of its own technical service.

Since parts for industrial equipment is more expensive and produced in smaller quantities, they are not always in stock and delivery time may be 1-2 months or more. Avoid large outages in anticipation parts can create your own supply of critical

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