Standard and customized Chillers and Heat Pumps with over 30 years of experience

Date: 15 January 2021

It has already been 30 years since Hitema® International took its first steps in the refrigeration industry and in the HVAC world.

But who is Hitema®? and why should you know this Company?

Hitema Chiller

Hitema International is a specialist manufacturer of customized solutions for process cooling and industrial comfort applications.

There are three keywords/conceptable to describe this Italian based company, and able to describe its products, Chillers and Heat Pumps installed all over the world.

The first keyword able to describe Hitema is CUSTOMIZATION.

Yes, because this Company is able to offer to its customers a complete range of possibilities of customization, starting from the mainframe of its machines, to the color, the refrigerant, as well as all the special requirements upon customers/projects demands.

Hitema is a complete industrial reality,with a new renewed carpentry and laser machine department, made up of people and machines with very different skills and knowledge, but always interconnected, able to quickly change the production and to increase the customization of semi-finished products used onboard the Hitema®machines.

Hitema Chiller

The second keyword able to describe Hitema® is TRUST.

Hitema is really a trusted Partner for your projects. Starting its business as a small familiar reality more than 30 years ago, this Company has maintained a working approach based on trust and solid relationship with its Partners and on the reliability and high quality of its products.

Its new Spare Parts and After Sales department offer a continuous support to its customers representing a real point of reference.

The high quality of its products, due to a strictly quality control/test before the shipment, allows Hitema® to minimize manufacturing defects, and its dedicated After SalesTeam is at the complete disposal of the customer to support themon each activities: start-up / installation up to the maintenance of already installed machines.

The third concept able to describe Hitema is CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.

This is really the key concept of Hitema work philosophy.

Continuous improvement allows this Company to always have a future-oriented approach, and to always give a better service to its customers.

It is with this approach to the market demand that Hitema has expand edits Chiller portfolio with new Series not only using eco-friendly refrigerants like HFO R1234ze, HFC with low GWP like R513A, R32, R454B, R449A and the natural fluid PROPANE (R290), but also developing the new TURBOCOR Series.

The wide range of applications that Hitema® have developed satisfy highly customized sectors, such as Food Processing, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Machine Tools, Plastic Processing, Wineries, Automotive Industry and Air Conditioning.

Environmental sustainability and high energy efficiency, are the main goals achieved by the technical department during the development of Hitema® products,in compliance with new regulations and with ethics towards the environment and the next generations.

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