Viessmann presents the sustainable refrigeration technology of the future at Chillventa 2016

Date: 20 December 2016

Cooling rooms and refrigeration units from Viessmann

The main task of a cooling cell is to keep the temperature in the cooling room as stable as possible and to allow little energy from the environment to enter the cell. The entire cell system must work efficiently to avoid heat bridges. Experiments at the TÜV Süd, in which, among other things, The damming characteristics of nine cooling cells from European suppliers have partly highlighted significant differences. To the average of the cells tested, the Viessmann cooling cell showed an approx. 15% lower energy consumption. The Viessmann cooling cell system is the most effective insulation on the market thanks to the optimal insulation and system technology as well as through the precise manufacturing process. The advantages for the operator are a lower use of cooling capacity and lower operating costs. The combination with the new ceiling unit Tecto Refrigo, which has a high efficiency and can cool more cold rooms than competitive products, is another benefit and cost advantage. In addition, planners and operators at Viessmann Aggregate can rely on the fact that the performance data on the data sheets coincide with the achievable cooling capacities, and the optimal cost-benefit cooling unit can be used. 72dpi-21092016-1-01 The new Tecto Standard Plus combines Viessmann's excellent insulation properties and the longevity of the cooling and freezing cells with a unique hygienic package in the industry. A new angle-wise combination connection allows the combination of different wall thicknesses completely in the tongue / spring system. As a further innovation, a handleless door complements the extensive range of accessories for the cooling cells. Through the interaction of the Tecto wall and floor flap, the special Hygieneradius version and the antimicrobial coating SmartProtec, Recommended by the German Food Control Association of Germany, the Tecto Standard Plus cooling and freezing cells offer the customer and user a first-class hygienic food safety package. With the Tecto Compact cooling and freezing cells, Viessmann completes its product portfolio and offers a broad target group an entry into the proven Viessmann product and insulation quality. Due to the short delivery time of a maximum of two weeks, the Tecto Compact product line can also be used to realize short-term projects. A simple ordering system and a wide product range with additional wall heights and accessory packets enable the customer to order the right cooling cell as described in the catalog. 72dpi-21092016-1-02 Thanks to the optimal combination of various technical innovations and further developments as well as the use of modern compressors, the new ceiling units from the Tecto Refrigo series have a very good efficiency. With a comparable refrigeration capacity, the Tecto Refrigo series can cool up to 60 percent more cooling space than the competition and is thus significantly more efficient in cooling operation. Due to the fine-tuned use of the evaporator, a clear gain in throwing distance and better cooling distribution in the cooling cell is achieved. The constant cooling ensures compliance with the cold chain and the freshness of sensitive products and food even in large cooling cells. Sound emissions could also be reduced. For example, the sound level for the six sizes for standard cooling is up to 22 percent below that of the predecessor models. The unit is operated with the refrigerants R134a (standard cooling) and R407A (free-cooling) and thus fulfills the requirements of the first stage of the new F-gases regulation. Tecto Refrigo is available in six capacities for standard cooling with a cooling capacity of 700 W to 4200 W, as well as six performance variables for freezing with a cooling capacity of 800 W to 4100 W.

Refrigerated furniture by Viessmann

72dpi-21092016-1-03 Deli-135 refrigerators are characterized by excellent energy efficiency and temperature safety. They are ideal for delicacies or large quantities of fast-turning convenience foods. Deli-135 is a versatile cooling unit that fits into any business and market format. Glass side walls and attractive lighting support the presentation of the goods. Matching outlet bottoms for PET bottles create a larger display area and thus permanently increase sales. The cooling unit is plug-in, does not have to be connected to an external refrigeration system and is therefore immediately ready for use. Rollers and handles ensure flexible placement. With the natural refrigerant Propan (R290) Deli-135 works environmentally friendly and efficient. Hot-gas defrosting and energy-saving fans complete the eco-package. The housing is made of galvanized steel. Deli-135 is available in three lengths: 600 mm, 880 mm and 1200 mm 72dpi-21092016-1-04 The Visio refrigerated rack with its 360° product presentation sets a new standard for an extraordinary shopping experience. Large glass surfaces, doors on both sides and high-quality LED lighting make Visio a real sales promoter. The plug-in cooling rack optimizes the surface productivity and fits very well into small and larger retail formats. The large net content increases the presentation value and reduces the loading times. Rollers ensure that Visio is easily moved to where it is needed. With the natural and climate-friendly refrigerant propane (R290), Visio works efficiently with excellent temperature safety.   Read More

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