DORIN celebrates 100th anniversary

Date: 12 January 2018

"Sleep a little and work hard": this was the motto of the Cav. Mario Dorin, who exactly 100 years ago decided to abandon the paternal way of heating system developer to realize his dream of working on his own. In this year Italian company DORIN, one of the leading manufacturer refrigeration compressors, celebrate 100th anniversary. Editorial board of Refrigeration industry congratulates our friends with great event.

We pleasure to present exclusive interview with Giovanni Dorin, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer of Officine Mario Dorin Spa.

Ri: When is the official date of the 100th anniversary of the company DORIN?
GD: The year of initiation was December 1918 when Mr. Mario DORIN started its activity and Officine Mario DORIN Spa will register at the Italian Association of Historical Company in 2018.  

Ri: When and why the company decided to produce refrigeration compressors?
GD: Mario DORIN started his production in 1918 with air open type compressors and machining tools for vehicle engines adjustments. Only in 1932 he developed the first refrigeration open type compressor, supplying public as well as private sector of refrigeration market. In the next 20 years Officine Mario DORIN Macchine Frigorifere developed the market internationally in Europe. In 1952 started the production of semi hermetic compressors. DORIN was absolutely the first to offer a compressor with the electric motor onboard on the market. The main reason that Sig. Mario DORIN to manufacture compressors for refrigeration in 1932 was that the field of refrigeration was really poor in manufacturer and really underdeveloped at that time. Furthermore, he had subsidies from the actual Government for producing compressors for Italian army and Italian industry. Hence economically it looked a very exceptional chance of business.  

Ri: What the first model of refrigeration compressor was made?
GD: As mentioned before the initial period of production was 1932, however the oldest images I have about our compressors are dated 1952, with an open type compressor, that is very much resembling the first models. You must consider that the open type compressor was designed so well that practically still nowadays these are very much resembling the first design and they keep being very efficient and performing. The models we are speaking about are represented in the two pictures below where the compressors are mounted on open type condensing units, dated 1954. 

 Figure 1 - Condensing Unit Dorin Model 3AMS/S-M

Figure 2- Condensing Unit Dorin Model 4HM

Ri: What's the best product in the history of company?
GD: DORIN focused since 1990’s on environmental issues, developing the first compressor specifically made for inverter use seeking a process of energy saving. However, the greatest revolution ever made in HVAC&R happened in 1991, when DORIN developed the first prototype of transcritical compressor for CO2. In the 90’s DORIN participated in a joint venture research with the Norwegian Institute of Technology – SINTEF - for developing a specific compressor for working with CO2 in transcritical phase as refrigerant. 

Figure 3 - First model developed of CO2 compressor with  SINTEF

Ri: What's the most popular refrigeration compressor in the history of company?
GD: The most popular and used compressors were 2 pistons semi hermetic compressors from the Range 1MG, designed in early 1960’s and from then diffusely distributed globally for refrigeration application such as ice cream machines, cold rooms, and the like. 

Figure 4- 150B model Dorin from the Range 1MG

The Range was covering nominal motor power from ½ Hp up to 3Hp and with Tev down to -40°C. The gas used at that time were R22 and R12 but also R502.  

Ri: What's the most powerful compressor in the history of company?
GD: Over the decades DORIN has always looked for the best solutions for the market, and in some cases this meant that compressor dimensions needed to be enlarged. The actual most powerful compressor available from DORIN is the CD500, a compressor for use of transcritical CO2 as refrigerant that actually can reach with the model CD6 800-59M, 80 Hp of nominal power and displacement of over 59 m3/h in medium temperature, while with the model CD6 700-99B can have up to 98.58 m3/H in low temperature, in subcritical phase. 

Figure 5- CD500Series, Dorin Model CD6 800-59M

The project is planning to develop in the next few months the Series CD600 where motor nominal power can develop up to 160Hp and the displacement can reach over 86m3/h in HT and 98.34 m3/h in MT. These two ranges will represent absolutely the flagship of HVAC&R compression since they will offer the great opportunity to the manufacturer of system to integrate their offer for industrial application beside of the use of NH3, and it’ll offer the astonishing chance to reduce the size of systems for a greater refrigeration power optimizing space requirement of the system on the plant. 

Figure 6- CD600 Series, Dorin Model CD6 1600-82M

Ri: Please tell about the biggest achievement of the company
GD: The greatest achievement DORIN had had in the last years is related to our China Operation, that gives us a solid base to satisfy the Far East market with locally produced models, absolutely granted of the same quality specifications followed in DORIN Italy. DORIN is investing great energy and professionality in finalizing this expansion project that is the clear figure of a highly careful and deeply conscious growth of its presence on the global market.  

Ri: What was the biggest mistake, a business failure of the company? Please explain why it was happened. What conclusions had the company made from this lesson?
GD: DORIN had the chance to evaluate the opportunity to develop the screw compressors but at that moment, about 1990’s, DORIN was not evaluating correctly the market demand and instead of developing the screw compressors focused on the CO2 research. This let DORIN to miss the screw compressors opportunity although it took the great chance of CO2 transcritical compressors that was anyhow a winning choice since transcritical application of CO2 is still a very updated issue. The lesson learnt was that no matter what, market is leader and manufacturers have to follow market trends with great care, like we do today in DORIN.  

Ri: Please tell about most important, the complex stage changes of the company.
 GD: DORIN big crossroad was represented in the 90’s when decided to heavily invest in CO2 refrigeration, opening a huge opportunity of market development and business success. DORIN today is having a good turnover from the sales related to transcritical and subcritical compressors (CD and CDS Series respectively), representing the absolutely key factor of its future growth. DORIN is now offering the largest CO2 compressor available on the global market, the CD500, and it is also revising completely the small ranges of subcritical and transcritical compressors (CD2 and CD4 Series), in order to make them perfectly fitting the dimension and performance requirement of the modern systems In order to accomplish this need, DORIN is realizing important changes in the CO2 production processes, facing a very fast increasing demand for all the CO2 models, aiming at speeding up significantly the time to market of the products. It’s an important project that will take few months but we are all very positive and look forward for the startup of the new lines.

Ri: What are the company's plans in the near future and in the next 100 years? :)
GD: DORIN is a company appreciated in the market as a leader in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning, either in commercial as well as in industrial and transport applications, manufacturing yearly about 60.000 compressors which are globally distributed. Its production is oriented at obtaining top level products technologically and qualitatively by using only proven certified top-quality components. Target of such products is to reach a complete appreciation on the global market allowing not only a prosperous economic trend and a major presence on the international market for DORIN, but more important offering to its partners the chance to maximize its return on the investment they made with the brand DORIN.

Four basic values are the key factors that offer the DORIN partners a transversal support, synergic and comprehensive, that guaranties the appreciation of DORIN products from the partner side:
  • A synergic cooperation among the different departments in order to transmit to the partner the best solution possible and a primary quality knowledge.
  • Encourage the innovation, the creativity, the experimentation and the enterprising initiative aiming at promoting the individual professional growth of collaborators acquiring their consensus and approval.
  • Build up an extensive organization of business relationships based on trust and loyalty, honoring all the personal and company commitments.
  • Ensure excellent top standards in firm management.
Having said this, DORIN and its President has a vision which can be summarized as following. DORIN produces components of top quality and technology for the refrigeration and air conditioning field, with a special focus on environmental protection, on business fair play and the satisfaction of customers.

Customer satisfaction - Assistance and support with highly experienced staff, that is experts in engineering, finance and marketing.

Business management - The company encourages innovation, creativity, experimentation and resourcefulness of his staff - Cooperation and team work are the elements which create a constructive and positive work environment; - A commitment to continually raise the standards of corporate management.

Global development - DORIN is opening new sales offices and manufacturing in the world to bring the product to the customer shortening the distance between manufacturer and utilizer.

Commitment in the reference area - We wish to transmit to the local and global community our business principles by supporting projects and associations improving quality of life of the com-munity.  

Ri: Please explain your family ties with the company's founder Mario DORIN.  :)
GD: Mario DORIN is my great grandfather, I’m actually the 4th generation present in the company, and there is also a 5th generation growing up!  

Dorin at Chillventa 2018

The company has big plan to celebrate great anniversary and invites you to take part

DORIN 100 Years Anniversary will be celebrated during the year at major events in the HVAC&R market.

Starting in March 2018 at MCE Expo-comfort with an exceptional event on the second day at the stand of Officine Mario DORIN (Hall. 24 - Stand A21 B301).

DORIN will continue its Celebration during China Refrigeration, when it’ll be organized an outstanding dinner event with speeches and entertainment on the second day of exhibition.

Last but not least event will take place in Germany during Chillventa, where the grand final of the 100 Anniversary Celebrations will take place on the second day (17th October) with a dinner event where the most important partners and personalities will be invited.

In 2019, Jannuary, will be held an extraordinary event in Florence where on invitation the most relevant customers and authorities will be present. IN the same period an internal event for employees will be held still in Florence.

During 2018 and 2019 a series of open days will be organized for whoever wish to visit the Company in Compiobbi (Fiesole, FI).

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