Rating of refrigeration companies in Russia 2021

Date: 19 April 2021

We present the seventh annual rating of refrigeration companies.
"Refrigeration Industry – 100" is a list of the 100 largest companies in Russia in the field of production, supply, installation and maintenance of refrigeration equipment.
The rating was prepared by the publishing house "Business Marketing" based on Rosstat data. Know more How the rating was compiled.

 Regional concentration

In preparing the rating, a primary, basic list of refrigeration companies from 58 regions of the Russian Federation was compiled.

Chart "Regions by Number of Companies"

Regions by Number of Companies

Data source: rating "Refrigeration Industry-100" based on the base list of 347 companies

40% of the companies from the base list are located in three regions of Russia: Moscow, Moscow Region and St. Petersburg.

81% of sales are in 6 regions: Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, the Republic of Mari El, Oryol and Kostroma regions.

Chart "Regions - Sales Leaders"
Regions - Sales Leaders

Data source: rating "Refrigeration industry - 100" based on the base list for 352 companies

Charts "Structure of rating" Refrigeration industry -100 "by activity"

Share by number of firms

Share by number of firms

Share by Sales Volume

Share by Sales Volume

Data source: rating "Refrigeration industry - 100" based on data on 100 largest companies

Read more about activities in the explanations for the rating table.

Rating "Refrigeration Industry - 100" 2021

The 100 largest refrigeration companies in Russia in terms of sales for 2019.
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2021 2020 Company name Brand  Type of activity Subject of Russian Federation Sales in points
1 1 DANFOSS, LLC Danfoss, Maneurop, Adap-Kool manufacturer Moscow region     10,000  
2 2 EMERSON, LLC Copeland, Vilter, Alco Controls, Dixell manufacturer Moscow       5,348  
3 3 FRIGGOGLASS, EURASIA, LLC Frigorex, Norkool, Coldwell manufacturer Oryol region       4,912  
4 10 GEA REFRIGERATION RUS, LLC  GEA, Grasso manufacturer Moscow       3,098  
5 5 BRANDFORD PLANT, LLC Brandford manufacturer  Kostroma region      2,653  
6 - LAND MANAGEMENT COMPANY, LLC contractor St. Petersburg      2,393  
7 6 PROFCHOLOD, LLC Profholod manufacturer Moscow region      2,392  
8 7 ALPHA LAVAL STREAM Alfa Laval manufacturer Moscow region      1,969  
9 8 TD POLAIR, LLC   wholesaler Republic of Mari El      1,961  
10 - POLAIR REAL ESTATE, JSC Polair manufacturer Republic of Mari El      1,851  
11 23 JOHNSON CONTROLS, JSC Jonson Controls manufacturer Moscow       1,387  
12 11 RUSSIAN COPPER PIPES, LLC   wholesaler Sverdlovsk region      1,349  
13 13 ARNEG, LLC Arneg manufacturer Moscow region      1,342  
14 12 SPS-HOLOD, LLC   wholesaler St. Petersburg      1,282  
15 19 OZERSKAYA INDUSTRIAL COMPANY, ZAO Crispy, Italfrost, Symphony manufacturer Moscow region      1,261  
16 14 KELVION MASHIMPEX, LLC Kelvion manufacturer Moscow       1,082  
17 21 KINGSPAN, LLC Kingspan manufacturer  Leningrad region      1,076  
18 16 ZTO BIRYUSA, LLC Biryusa  manufacturer Krasnoyarsk Territory      1,070  
19 15 THERMOCOOL, LLC   contractor Moscow       1,030  
20 24 EBM-PAPST RUS, LLC ebm-papst manufacturer Moscow region         958  
21 41 ELEMENTUM. RELIABLE EQUIPMENT, LLC Elementum manufacturer Pskov region         944  
22 25 BALTIK MASTER M, LLC   contractor Moscow region         938  
23 22 POLAIR - IMPEX, LLC   wholesaler Republic of Mari El          906  
24 26 ROSHOLOD, LLC   wholesaler Republic of Mari El          874  
25 31 SEST-LUVE, LLC Sest-Luve, LU-VE manufacturer  Lipetsk region         838  
26 17 RUSSIAN PROJECT, LLC   contractor  Republic of North Ossetia-Alania.         778  
27 28 AIRCOOL, LLC   contractor St. Petersburg         704  
28 18 ISOPAN RUS, LLC Isopan manufacturer Volgograd region          687  
29 42 CRYOFROST ENGINEERING, LLC contractor Moscow         657  
30 - TD FKM, LLC   contractor Moscow         615  
31 32 EMBRACO RUS, LLC Embraco manufacturer Moscow          602  
32 - PROFHOLODSYSTEMS, LLC Lamel, Gran manufacturer Moscow region         589  
33 35 KOSTROMA MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT, LLC Levin manufacturer Kostroma region         561  
34 40 CASTOLINE, LLC   manufacturer Moscow          543  
35 30 MARCON-COLD, JSC   wholesaler St. Petersburg          537  
36 20 ARIADA, ZAO Ariada manufacturer  Republic of Mari El         534  
37 39 POLE COMPANY, OJSC POLE Carboma manufacturer  Republic of Mari El         527  
38 - NSC, LLC НСК manufacturer Yaroslavl region         521  
39 - VARIANT-999, LLC Енисей, Каштак manufacturer  Krasnoyarsk Territory         510  


"2021" - the serial number of the company in the new rating (based on sales for 2019).
"2020" - the serial number of the company in the previous ranking of 2020 (based on 2018 sales).
"Name" - the name of the legal entity.
"Brand" - brands under which the manufacturer produces refrigeration equipment and components.

"Activities" - companies in our rating are conditionally divided by the editorial board into several types of activities:

  • Manufacturer - domestic and foreign manufacturers of refrigeration equipment and components, as well as official representative offices of foreign manufacturers;
  • Contractor - design, supply and installation of refrigeration equipment;
  • Wholesaler- specialization in the sale of refrigeration equipment and components, materials for installation;
  • Maintenance - specialization in installation and maintenance of equipment.

Activities were determined subjectively by our editorial board.

"Subject of the Russian Federation" - the region of registration of a legal entity.
"Sales in points" - the volume of sales for 2019, expressed in points.
When preparing the rating, the company's sales data for 2020 from profit and loss reports, the column "Revenue (net) from sale" according to the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation used.
The sales volume of the first company accepted for 10,000 points.
The sales volume of other companies is proportional to the sales volume of the company leader.

"-" - no data.


The rating is based on data from the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation in terms of sales for 2019. Data for 2020 at the time of compiling the rating are not yet available.

The "Net Sales Revenue" data used as the ranking criterion.

Revenue from sales takes into account the income of companies from all types of activities, since it is not possible to determine revenue only in the field of refrigeration equipment.

Please note that some large companies may not be rated due to the lack of data in the database used. The rating includes enterprises operating as of February 2021.

The primary list of participants in the rating included 347 refrigeration companies whose business is associated with the production, supply, installation or repair of refrigeration equipment.

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