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Turkey , Marmara Region
Aydinli Mah. Patlayıcı Maddeler Yolu Cad. Beyoğlu Toplu İş Yeri Koop.Sit.E2 Blok No:3-2E/22 Tuzla/ISTANBUL

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With over 20 years experience in the HVAC-R industry, TERMOPROSES provides a comprehensive range of competitively priced services, including refrigeration
systems’ design and installation, after-sales services and supply of parts by making most of its team consisting of professionals in their fields.

TERMOPROSES offers expert knowledge and practical solutions to its more than 1500 customers all over the World.

TERMOPROSES    has a wide product range including but not limited to the following;

*** Water Chillers           *** Hybrid Water Chillers        *** Thermoregulators     *** Dry Coolers         *** Enclosure Air Conditioners and Heat Exchangers

*** Cooling Towers        *** Ice Machines                       *** Heat Pumps              *** Blower Air Coolers                                              *** Cold Storage Rooms  

TERMOPROSES has its headquarters in Tuzla-Istanbul and factory in Duzce/ TURKEY with a capacity to meet the requirements of its customers promptly and efficiently.
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  • Refrigeration components
  • Industrial refrigeration