When: 29 March 2022 - 31 March 2022

ATMOsphere has confirmed the 3rd edition of the Virtual Trade Show (VTS) for March 2022, which will incorporate a Global Summit, featuring back-to-back webinar presentations over 24hrs with live streaming to multiple media channels and social media platforms. Don’t miss the global natural refrigerants event of the year!

Broadcast your LIVE presentation to multiple platforms simultaneously.
Efficiently deliver your message to Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other platforms in real-time!

As travel opens up, there is still a need for a great Virtual Trade Show to efficiently gather the global Natural Refrigerants community, annually. ATMOsphere has pioneered this movement. Join us for the VTS and Summit 2022!

Since the onset of the pandemic, ATMOsphere has been breaking barriers and encouraging the traditional HVAC&R industry to take advantage of new opportunities to do business. The VTS 2022 is evolving with each edition by taking the best features from the first two trade shows and incorporating new functionalities that will help your company reach even more industry stakeholders – without even leaving your office! Premium exhibitors benefit from top visibility, including pre and post event marketing, your logo in the Main Hall (clicks-through to your booth), a 3D product viewer, a public or private meeting room to schedule your own line-up of presentations and more. See complete benefits below.

During the 24 hour live event, exhibitors will be able to interact with participants through real-time chat, audio and 1on1 video capabilities. Company delegates will be represented by personalised avatars of their actual images, making them easily recognisable to colleagues. Both Standard and Premium exhibitors can have custom-branding, feature video(s), product info, marketing material and links.

The Main Hall is easy to navigate and is designed to give attendees that “real” trade show feeling. Visitors can choose to engage in a public networking lounge (or interact 1to1), explore the exhibition halls or attend a live webinar in the Auditorium, scheduled throughout the entire 24h period in order to include all time zones. The Virtual Trade Show and Summit is an invaluable opportunity to make connections with customers and suppliers from all over the world.

After the live show, the VTS 2022 will stay online for one full month, allowing attendees to download content from the booths and watch recordings of the presentations. This provides exceptional value for exhibitors and speakers. Together with the continuous improvements to the functionality and design of the platform and the live streaming to multiple social media platforms, the Virtual Trade Show and Summit is an event not-to-be-missed! It’s global, low-emission, cost efficient, and now even more accessible than previous years.

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