ATMOsphere America 2019

Where: United States, North America
When: 17 June 2019 - 18 June 2019

The 8th Annual ATMOsphere America will take place in Atlanta, Georgia to shape the future of the industry! 

ATMOsphere America will be held in Atlanta on June 17-18 2019, where key experts, policy makers and end users will gather to learn about the very latest developments in the industry. 

This year will bring you a completely refreshed program, new program structure & features, private end users-only meetings for knowledge exchange, end user and contractor panels & presentations, and much more! 

The event's Advisory Committee members:

  • Bing Cheng | Campbell Soup
  • Pete Marotta | Grocery Outlet 
  • Ed Estberg | Raley's (Refrigeration Consultant)
  • Pete Lepschat | Henningsen Cold Storage 
  • Gerard von Dohlen | Newark Refrigerated Warehouse


How Does the End User Advisory Committee Work?

BRAINSTORMING - The members of the Committee brainstorm and talk about ideas to make ATMO better for their sector 

ANALYZING - They track what they are doing and share best practices with other end users

DISCUSSING - They talk about what they have been doing with natural refrigerants and exchange perspectives

OUTCOME - They consider all the outcomes that can be achieved and spread the word! 

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