IIAR Natural Refrigeration 2020

Where: United States, North America
When: 15 March 2020 - 15 March 2020
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2020 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference & Heavy Equipment Expo

Next IIAR Conference & Heavy Equipment Expo will be held at the Rosen Shingle Creek at Orlando, FL from March 15-18, 2020. The meeting is the largest exposition dedicated to the natural refrigeration industry. It provides unrivaled opportunity for the industry's leading manufacturers, contractors, trainers, and other service providers to showcase their latest innovations and products. With over 1,700 in attendance last year, this is the perfect chance to network and collaborate with some of the great minds in the natural refrigeration community.

Attendees of the IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference & Heavy Equipment Expo come from all facets of the industry including design engineers, contractors, end users, academics, scientists, trainers, and government agencies. We reached a wide and diverse audience of natural refrigeration professionals. With exposure to a variety of point of views, attendees became aware of new ideas and trends that impact the future of the natural refrigeration industry.

6 Reasons to Attend the IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference &Heavy Equipment Expo

  • Network within your industry by building new partnerships and engage potential clients.
  • Learn and discuss the most groundbreaking industrial trends at the world’s largest meeting dedicated to the natural refrigeration industry.
  • Invest in yourself through more than 12 hours of engaging continuing education and professional development sessions.
  • Promote your latest products and services in front of natural refrigeration experts and key decision makers.
  • Grow your brand and enhance the impact of your company in our industry.
  • Experience the Expo and see the latest in industrial and commercial refrigeration technologies including complete package systems, compressors, and other heavy equipment.​


CFD Simulation of NH3 Release and Detection in Refrigerated Spaces (Results of the IIAR/ARF Research Project)
This session will examine the results of a computational modelling study of ammonia release in three refrigerated spaces to evaluate potential detector performance. Come see why detector response time data is crucial in assessing the performance of single-detector placement and guiding the choice of detector positioning where ammonia from a leak is most likely to accumulate. 

Methods for Saving Energy in Cold Storage Warehouses
Savvy warehouse owners and operators have become experts in optimizing their facilities’ energy performance by influencing the measure and timing of demand on refrigeration systems. However, understanding the complexity of design and operation of the refrigeration system itself offers further opportunity for energy savings. This session will offer a holistic approach to energy optimization through load reduction, refrigeration system design, and continuous monitoring of energy efficiency. 

Transcritical CO2 and Ammonia: Energy Efficiency Comparison for Industrial Refrigeration Systems
CO2 has been identified as an alternative to HFCs in many sectors, including commercial refrigeration. Nevertheless, ammonia remains the refrigerant of choice in larger industrial applications, in part due to the fact that currently available CO2 compressors are prohibitively expensive versus ammonia components. Recently, however, emerging technologies are making it possible to design and operate cost-effective CO2 systems. This session will describe a performance and cost comparison between CO2 and ammonia refrigerants in a refrigeration system with a capacity of 12.000 kBtu/h. 

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