Refrigeration industry: effective solutions for food production

Where: Russia, Europe
When: 10 October 2019
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The conference "Refrigeration industry: effective solutions for food production” will be held on October 10 at the exhibition Agroprodmash 2019, Moscow. Know about the Agroprodmash

The highlights of the conference:

  • How to reduce of capital outlay for refrigeration and conditioning system

  • Audit and energy efficiency of refrigeration equipment for operating enterprise

  • Refrigeration systems on natural refrigerants: advantages and disadvantages

  • New products and technologies of the refrigeration equipment manufactures


Effective cooling system solutions for food industry
     Галкин Александр Александрович  Alexander Galkin,  
Sales engineer, Industrial refrigeration department, Johnson Controls

CO2 refrigeration systems: economic and technological advantages
 Христофор Джибгашвили  Christopher Jibgashvili,
Director, Ingenium
 Ростокин Антон  Anton Rostokin,
Deputy director for technical issues, Ingenium 

Modernization of refrigeration equipment with the introduction of energy-saving fans
 Кратынский Алексей Николаевич  Kratinskiy Alexey,
Business development manager, ebm-papst rus

Energy-efficient materials for energy conservation in the food and processing industry
 Каукин Илья Владимирович  Ilya Kaukin,
Marketing director. Profholod

Functionality and potential of adiabatic pre-cooling systems in condensers and gas coolers for optimization of cooling plant energy consumption
 Егоров Алексей  Aleksey Egorov,
Engineer, Güntner GmbH & Co. KG

Building envelope industry: increasing the efficiency of cold rooms, reducing operating costs
 Мосина Наталья Васильевна Mosina Natalia,
Deputy chief commercial officer at ISOPAN RUS, LLC.

Expert in the areas of building envelopes and metallurgy; commercial development and product export.

Industrial refrigeration plants with natural refrigerants. BOX freezers. Cascade refrigeration system: absorption/compression. Heat pumps and heat recovery systems
 Перегудов Максим Анатольевич Maxim A. Peregudov,
Chief specialist OOO "Alfa Contracting"

REFCOOL factory - new Russian production of refrigeration and airconditioning equipment: specific, competence, technologies
 Зиннуров Альберт Albert Zinnurov, 
Project Manager, LLC REFCUL

Moscow State University of Engineering Ecology, Moscow
Department of Low Temperature Physics, Refrigeration, Cryogenic Engineering and Air Conditioning
Experience 2004 up to the present time

CAREL's newest high-efficiency solutions for refrigeration systems
 Иван Чеботарев Ivan Chebotarev,
National Sales Manager - Retail & Refrigeration Controls, Carel Rus

Industrial refrigeration: comparative analysis of use of CO2 vs NH3 and R404A
  Sergey M. Kamzolov,
Technical & Marketing Manager of Dorin SpA Russia

The official language of the event is Russian.


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The audience of the conference:

Visitors of the exhibition Agroprodmash.

Senior officials and technical specialists for refrigeration and climate equipment of food and agriculture companies, wholesalers and retailers, representatives of the refrigeration companies.

Attend free 

Register in Russian. If you need help to register then send your contact in English on email.


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