Chillventa 2020

Where: Germany, Europe
When: 13 October 2020 - 15 October 2020
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Chillventa will resume in Nuremberg in 2022, with a virtual event in 2020.

The refrigeration, AC, ventilation and heat pump community can look forward to three days packed with professional expertise, dialogue and innovations when the Chillventa eSpecial is launched as a virtual event from 13 to 15 October. Participants will have the opportunity to make contacts, cultivate their networks, share knowledge and discuss new products, projects and developments in the sector. Prospective exhibitors can register for the event now. 

“Due to the cancellation of numerous on-site events, certain restrictions on travel for salespeople and fewer meetings with customers, there is a clear need for interaction and new business relationships in many quarters. To meet this need in our community, we have developed the Chillventa eSpecial, which will present a large part of the world’s leading exhibition for refrigeration technology in virtual form. We are looking forward to a successful event in October,” says Daniela Heinkel, Director Chillventa at NürnbergMesse. 

What’s in store at the Chillventa eSpecial?

On all three days of the event, the profiles of participating exhibitors from all around the world will be available to visitors on a digital platform. These profiles can contain comprehensive information on the company, its products and innovations. All exhibitor packages also contain free access to the event for an unlimited number of personnel, so sales teams can be dispatched to chase up new contacts and interesting projects. There will be a clear emphasis on direct personal discussions. During the event, exhibitor personnel will have a range of communication channels at their disposal to allow them to quickly contact relevant participants. In this context they are assisted by a sophisticated matchmaking system that suggests best matches for their requirements from among all participants in the event. Exhibitors can choose between three different packages (bronze, silver or gold) offering various benefits. 

For more information on the various packages, the link to register and a comprehensive FAQ section, please go to: www.chillventa.de/e-special


Exhibition home of refrigeration, ac & ventilation and heat pumps

Energy efficiency and sustainability remain the driving forces behind the development of new products and systems for refrigeration, ac & ventilation and heat pumps. What future developments in heat pump efficiency are in the pipeline? What’s happening in the market for environment-friendly refrigerants? What do modern integrated c&i concepts look like? How will the individual trades be connected in the future? With their spectrum of products and services for refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pumps, industrial refrigeration and commercial refrigeration, the industry’s top players provide answers to tomorrow’s questions today.

Chillventa Connecting Experts

The innovation cycles in refrigeration and air conditioning are becoming shorter. The world-leading exhibition Chillventa is a must for anyone wanting to keep up with the latest trends and developments. It enables the direct exchange of views with a variety of experts and qualified suppliers from all over the world. The trade show, Chillventa CONGRESS and a varied supporting programme are devoted to the whole process chain of refrigeration, ac & ventilation and heat pumps for three days. This is the place to meet, cultivate and develop networks, and do business.

The Chillventa success story

First organized under the name of "Chillventa" in 2008, it is now one of the most important events in the world for refrigeration, ac & ventilation and heat pumps. 1,019 exhibitors and more than 35,490 visitors in 2018 speak a clear language. The very large international share of 67 % for exhibitors and 56 % for visitors also emphasizes Chillventa’s importance as global-leading exhibition.

  • 95% of the exhibitors reached their most important target groups.
  • 94% of the exhibitors made new business connections.
  • 87% expected noticeable follow-up business.
  • 62% of the exhibition visitors came from the European Union (including 42% from Germany), 18% from the rest of Europe, 12% from Asia, 4% from Australia and Africa, and 4% from America.

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