India Cold Chain Show 2018


India Cold Chain Show 2018 defines and demonstrates the entire cold chain industry. It is the show which touches every dimension of the cold chain industry bringing to its participants a grand overview of new products, machinery, services, technological advancements and a lot more. The show broadly touches three major segments of the cold chain industry namely cold storage, cold transport and cold supply chain.

In extension to providing solutions, the show also swears to bring international exposure, be a platform to interact and network with varied leading companies, gain sights and knowledge by industry stalwarts and much more. [gallery link="file" ids="14183,14182,14181"]

3 broad segments:

COLD STORAGE – The cold storage segment would showcase infrastructure, storage and handling requirements at a cold storage or refrigerated warehouse. The key product segments represented are PUF panels, PEBs, flooring, roofing, temperature controlling solutions, refrigeration, IT solutions, material handling and storage solutions. COLD TRANSPORT – The cold transport segment would showcase technologies responsible for movement of perishables and solutions responsible for efficient and timely movement of temperature sensitive goods. The key product segments represented are reefer vans, reefer trucks and cold transport facilities. COLD SUPPLY CHAIN – The cold supply chain segment would showcase supply chain technologies. The key solutions represented include 3PL/4PL companies, Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) specialised in movement of temperature sensitive goods, tracking & tracing and cold supply chain experts.

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