VSK 2018


<h3>Concept of exhibition</h3>
Better, smarter, energy-efficient houses, buildings and industrial environments. This requires the know-how of professional installers. And they visit VSK, The trade show for heating, plumbing, climate control and refrigeration technology. VSK wants to boost green innovation. The four-day event brings together all disciplines from the sector, lifting the performance of products and the know-how of professionals to a higher level. It is the ideal event to share developments and experiences, define challenges and show successes.

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<strong>The VSK 2016 exhibition program comprises the following elements: </strong>

• Integrated system solutions
• Alternative energy
• Monitoring and control technology
• Information, knowledge transfer, and ICT
• Heating
• Boilers
• Pumps
• Piping systems & accessories
• Heat pumps
• Bathrooms and fittings
• Water treatment
• Air treatment
• Air conditioning and refrigeration technology
• Tools and commercial vehicles

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<a href="http://www.vsk.nl/en/Bezoeker.aspx" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><strong>Read more and register</strong></a>

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