Welcome to the Climate World, Moscow, 2-5 March 2016


International specialized exhibition "Climate World" is the most anticipated and intriguing event of the domestic HVAC & R market. The exhibition is held every year in early March, and puts together all progressive-minded representatives of HVAC & R business. Interest to participate in the "World Climate" is increasingly growing. Today it's just a time to take decision on the participation of your company in the twelfth (from the year of foundation: 2005) exhibition "Climate World" to be held in March 2 — 5, 2016 at Expocentre. There is still some time to prepare your participation, but the countdown has already started.

Specialized exhibitions are a versatile marketing tool based on the philosophy of the live human interaction. Therefore, despite the development of the Internet and online businesses, such events allow the participants to market effectively and sell products, to meet with the partners and competitors, to collect valuable information about the market and adjust its own marketing strategy, to study new equipment and even take part in law-making.

There are several exhibition projects in Russia, in some way related to the climate and refrigeration equipment. However, the most experts agree that the main exhibition event of the year in Russia is the exhibition "Climate World", organized by the exhibition company "Euroexpo" and the Association of Professionals in the Industry of Climate (APIC). The exhibition represents the whole spectrum of the HVAC & R market from manufacturers and suppliers of HVAC & R equipment to engineering and installation companies.

The exhibition "Climate World" is traditionally focused on several important issues. Among them are promotion of advanced equipment and technologies, advocacy of civilized forms and principles of fair competition, contribution to the sustainable development of Russian business. "Climate World" offers to the manufacturers the shortest way to the market, to the government agencies and business the ability to respond quickly to any challenges of the climate and refrigeration market, including the most complex ones.

Emotion-free statistics show each year the steadily-growing popularity of the event. Thus, in 2010 the exhibition "Climate World" had the exposition area of 15,800 m2, 240 leading climate and refrigeration companies from 23 countries were represented; 15,200 people visited the exhibition.  In 2015, more than 348 leading companies from 24 countries took part in the exhibition, they were placed on 25,000 m2 of exhibition space, and was attended by over 23,800 visitors.





Years Number of exhibitors Number of visitors Square of exhibition, sq.m Number of countries
2005 128 8500 5000 16
2006 192 11000 8500 22
2007 228 13500 12500 25
2008 303 16000 19000 30
2009 300 12000 18000 35
2010 240 15238 15800 23
2011 300 21393 18000 27
2012 350 24260 24000 26
2013 387 22837 24000 28
2014 394 23506 30000 29
2015 348 23786 25000 24*
* - 24 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the UK, Germany, Greece, Denmark, India, Jordan, Spain, Italy China, Lithuania, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, South Korea, Japan.

Source: www.climatexpo.ru

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