Modelling to Predict the Performance of Positive Displacement Compressors

When: 07 February 2019
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The IOR's next free networking meeting and webinar will be held on 7 February at Friends House in London.

Presented by Prof Eckhard Groll, this is an ideal opportunity to hear about the latest developments in compressors from one of the World's leading experts.

In this talk and paper Eckhard will present his J&E Hall Gold Medal Award winning research. He has been working on the modelling and testing of positive displacement compressors for more than twenty years. Detailed and comprehensive simulation models of hermetic, semi-hermetic and open-drive positive displacement compressors, including scroll, rotary, reciprocating, spool, Bowie, Z-compressor, and S-RAM among others, have been developed throughout the years and validated against experimental compressor measurements. These models were also used to perform parametric studies where the influences of compressor geometry, leakage gaps, heat transfer coefficients and frictional coefficients on performance were investigated.

This presentation describes a new comprehensive compressor simulation platform based on the previous compressor modeling efforts to predict the performance of positive displacement compressors.  The platform include all of the main aspects of compressor modeling, such as the geometry (a library of multiple positive displacement compressor geometries has been programmed), the thermodynamic governing equations, i.e., energy and mass balances for the compression process, internal leakage paths, suction and discharge valve dynamics, internal heat transfer, friction and mechanical losses as well as electric motor losses.

What you will learn

  • To understand the working mechanisms of positive displacement compressor, such as reciprocating, scroll and rolling piston compressors
  • To understand the concept of generalized positive displacement compressor simulation models.
  • To be familiar with core elements of compressor simulation, such as control volumes, flow paths, leakages, friction, heat transfer, and state properties.
  • To learn the basic and advanced aspects of modelling positive displacement compressors.
  • To understand how to use these models to evaluate design changes via parametric studies.

If you would like to come along to meet Professor Groll and hear his talk please book here. For those that cannot join the talk on the 7th February register for the webinar here

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